Help Net Security, an independent site focusing on information security, has recently started a new series of reports in order to help CISOs worldwide choose what’s best for their organization when it comes to cybersecurity solutions and providers. Help Net Security’s first report revolves around the extended detection and response (XDR) topic.

As defined by my colleague Cezarina in her article, XDR is a technology that collects and then correlates data over a variety of security layers, such as endpoints, emails, servers, clouds, and networks. This means that XDR can enable your security team to detect, investigate, and respond to threats across multiple layers of security, and not just focusing on the end-point detection.

How Do You Choose the Best XDR Solution for Your Organization?

Well, there are plenty of options but we think that the most important factor to take into consideration for your organization is how XDR will enhance the success and efficiency of your security operations.

Heimdal™‘s CEO Morten Kjærsgaard was among the cybersecurity experts invited to talk about this topic.

According to him, if you want to ensure your company’s security, whether you use services from an outside supplier or decide on developing something internally, XDR is a must-have.

He adds that the most important feature is to have a centralized ultra-modern system with all the essential technologies in one place, rather than manually going through thousands of notifications from numerous solutions.

It’s much easier and affordable to opt for an XDR solution that can provide unified detection, analysis, response, and remediation in real-time, offering an enhanced (and simplified) overview of your company’s cybersecurity state.

I strongly recommend looking for a solution that offers Detection, Analysis, and response in one platform, of course, nor separately.

Find out more about how to select the perfect XDR solution for your business and what are the key elements that any good XDR software on the market must have here.

Why Choose Heimdal™’s XDR Solution?

Heimdal™’s Managed XDR Security raises the bar in MDR and XDR, ensuring first-rate threat discovery and mitigation.

XDR acts as a central hub for security intelligence, gathering and dynamically comparing information across different sources (endpoints, networks, emails, cloud workloads) to detect threats more quickly and boost response times.

Building on the stellar performance of our EDR suite, we have expanded our award-winning model to managed XDR, combining and connecting telemetry from various channels.

Our Heimdal™ Security Endpoint Prevention Detection and Response (EPDR) Software consists of four cybersecurity solutions unified in one threat dashboard, namely:

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