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Copenhagen, October 6th, 2021 – Heimdal™ Security (Heimdal™) has just launched a brand-new remote access and support solution that will greatly improve your flexibility in terms of connecting to your end-users and being able to offer assistance with just one click.

The product in question is Heimdal™ Remote Desktop, a holistically accommodating and secure tool that is extremely user-friendly and will add the finishing touches to your cybersecurity product range.

How Heimdal™ Remote Desktop Works

Heimdal™ Remote Desktop supports three connection modes:

  • Heimdal™ Agent Supporter to Heimdal™ Agent End-User
  • Heimdal™ Dashboard Supporter to Heimdal™ Agent End-User
  • Heimdal™ Dashboard Supporter to No Agent Heimdal™ User

Therefore, our new product can function in both an agent-based and agentless context. You will be able to offer remote support to your employees regardless of whether or not they have the Heimdal™ Agent installed.

Regardless of the type of session that suits your needs, you will benefit from market-leading encryption any time you use Heimdal™ Remote Desktop. All connections are double-encrypted with RSA 2048/4096 and AES-256, as well as further protected via multi-factor authentication (MFA).

To help you secure your remote sessions, even more, we’ve designed Heimdal™ Remote Desktop to be fully compatible with other cybersecurity products, including those from our suite. For example, combining Remote Desktop with Heimdal™ Privileged Access Management and Application Control allows for session elevation, as well as increased control over which and how files execute within the system.

And this is just one instance. The possibilities are endless when using Heimdal™ Remote Desktop, our cutting-edge take on remote support tools.

Conquering New Heights in Remote Support

To further augment your flexibility in a remote support scenario, Heimdal™ Remote Desktop allows you to invite multiple users to the same session.

Furthermore, Remote Desktop allows you and your end-users to share files, media, and anything else you might need for the session in a seamless collaborative environment. Everything you need for remote support is at your fingertips when using Heimdal™, only one click away.

In addition to this, our solution will be compatible with any device and operating system in 2022, which means that you won’t be limited by any prerequisites when helping your employees or customers.

Curious to find out how Heimdal™ Remote Desktop can improve the remote support environment in your enterprise? Click on the button below to book a demo with one of our reps, and we’ll take care of the rest.

About Heimdal™ Security

Heimdal™ Security is a strongly emerging cybersecurity provider established in 2014 in Copenhagen, currently spanning offices across the world. With a spectacular year-over-year growth and an impressive ahead-of-the-curve approach to threatscape trends, Heimdal™ Security is the go-to solution for unified, intelligent cybersecurity made easy. In March 2020, Heimdal™ Security was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, fueling its networks of growth and distribution even further.

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Alina Georgiana Petcu

Product Marketing Manager

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Alina Georgiana Petcu is a Product Marketing Manager within Heimdal™ Security and her main interest lies in institutional cybersecurity. In her spare time, Alina is also an avid malware historian who loves nothing more than to untangle the intricate narratives behind the world's most infamous cyberattacks.