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Application Control

Discover an effortless approach to managing application executions with our cutting-edge solution. Gain complete and granular control over running applications, all while seamlessly logging all operations performed within your digital estate in real-time.

Key Benefits

Prevent Unauthorized Applications from Executing in Your System – with Ease

Take charge of your application executions today, secure your endpoints against potentially malicious operations, and experience the peace of mind that Heimdal Application Control brings.

Granular Control
Over Applications

Empower your sysadmins and users alike with App Control. Choose from multiple options like file path, publisher, certificate, vendor name, software name, MD5, and more to effortlessly allow or block application execution. Take control of your system, your way.

Automatic Approval
& Denial Flows

Streamline your application approval or denial process for system files with our accelerated flow, and benefit from default ruling for faster decision-making. Customize and adjust flows effortlessly for individual users or Active Directory groups, ensuring efficient control over application access.

App Management

Say goodbye to outdated, endpoint-based tools burdened with complex licensing options and scalability limitations. Embrace Application Control, the solution that guarantees enforcement of your flows across the entire organization.

Key Features

Secure Your Infrastructure with Complete Control over Application Executions


Seamless Access Governance

Unleash the full potential of session application execution by integrating our Application Control module with Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM). Unlock a powerful combination of access governance features, enabling highly customizable admin sessions.

Gain the necessary tools to fortify sensitive memory areas, restrict lateral movement within your network, and safeguard your valuable business assets effectively. Maximize security and control over your endpoint infrastructure with this robust integration.


Extended Audit Trail

Discover enhanced reporting capabilities with Heimdal Application Control and its advanced auditing capabilities. Gain valuable insights into elevated user sessions, including information on opened applications, processes elevated per session, parent processes called, requested services, and more.

Streamline your application approval or denial flow with the historical executions feature, empowering you to customize future elevated sessions based on in-depth analysis of past sessions. Harness the power of data-driven decision-making for improved control and efficiency.

patch asset management

Simplified and Streamlined Usage

Eliminate the need for a remote access tool and dive right into action with Application Control’s direct app and process manipulation. Leverage the power of the solution’s passive mode for real-time, rule-based monitoring, or customize your own rules. All collected information is seamlessly fed into the Heimdal Dashboard, enabling you to review session details, fine-tune user interaction parameters, request logs, and more. Experience uninterrupted control and effortless management at your fingertips.


Dual Modes of Operation

Unlock an unmatched level of granularity through the multi-layered approach of Application Control. Whether you opt for an active mode, gaining complete control over user sessions, or a passive mode, allowing our solution to effortlessly work its magic in the background, Heimdal empowers you with unparalleled control and flexibility. Experience the freedom to tailor your application management according to your needs, ensuring optimal security and efficiency.


Empower your Privileged Access Management suite with Application Control

Remove permanent rights and give access to application execution, when users need it. Application Control also supports a full audit trail of allowed executions, blocked executions and passive mode monitored executions. All working together seamlessly from one agent and one unified platform.



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