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Yesterday free decrypters were released by Avast for AtomSilo, Babuk, and LockFile ransomware strains. These will help victims recover the content of their encrypted files.

AtomSilo and LockFile Free Decrypters

As per the report the antivirus producing company published, the decrypters for LockFile and AtomSilo come as one single download option and that happens because the mentioned strains share similarities.

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The researchers state that AtomSilo ransomware attack methods are usually characterized by the use of a fixed drive list by means of which a local drives search is performed. On the other hand, LockFile ransomware uses to call GetLogicalDriveStringsA() and processes all fixed drives.

According to the experts who released this tool, the decrypter has also some limitations:

During the decryption process, the Avast AtomSilo decryptor relies on a known file format in order to verify that the file was successfully decrypted. For that reason, some files may not be decrypted. This can  include files with proprietary or unknown format, or with no format at all, such as text files.


The decrypter for these two ransomware strains was developed based on Jiří Vinopal’s data, a RE-CERT security researcher who was announcing on October 17 that he discovered a method to crack the encryption of AtomSilo and that he also built a proof-of-concept decrypter.

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Avast collaborated with the above-mentioned researcher to develop this free decrypter for the two ransomware strains.

Free Decrypter for Babuk Ransomware

According to theRecord.media, there is also a free decrypter for Babuk ransomware that is available separately, as a stand-alone product.

Avast researchers developed the decrypter for this ransomware strain by means of the source code that was leaked on a forum at the beginning of September. It seems that decryption keys associated with past victims could be found inside that code. That is why only past victims whose files were encrypted with one of the file extensions .babyk or .babuk will benefit from this decrypter.

How to Stay Safe?

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I am infected with !.LOCKFILE extension. I downloaded the new avast atomsilo. But unfortunately this is not working.

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