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More than a dozen clients of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) website received a warning from the Dutch authorities, informing them that continuing cybercrimes will result in prosecution.

The Dutch Police letters are intended to minimize cybercrime and steer offenders to engage in legal options when trying to improve their abilities.

What Happened?

The police department sent letters to 29 Dutch nationals advising them about what seems to be illegal behavior.

We have registered you in our system and you will now receive a final warning. If new similar facts arise in the future, we will prosecute. In that case, take into account a conviction, criminal record, and the loss of your computer and/or laptop.


All of the people involved were users of minesearch.rip, a so-called booter website that allowed users to execute DDoS attacks against targets of their choosing.

After receiving reports from a gaming server that had been the target of a DDoS assault via minesearch.rip, the authorities began investigating the website back in 2020.

As reported by BleepingComputer, DDoS assaults were launched against dozens of additional targets in the business and public sectors with the aid of the service. The site has now been taken down, and the inquiry is still underway.

The 29 letters that were delivered on Monday have no legal ramifications, but they serve as a final warning to the receivers that they will not be given another free pass if they are caught again.

The police is attempting to rehabilitate offenders and assist them in staying out of trouble by allowing them to choose a lawful path to become more informed by putting their digital abilities to the test.

The Dutch Police provided a variety of programs in which young people are able to discover challenges that will keep them from engaging in criminal activities.

Hack Right is such a program. This is a police program and effort in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom that began as an experiment to help young people who had been convicted of cybercrime alter their lives and stay on the right side of the law.

About ten a year, but there is room within Hack_Right for more young people who have committed a cybercrime for the first time and want to learn from their mistakes.


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