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While Datto is undoubtedly a powerful solution, it has certain limitations which can be frustrating. Let’s learn more about some of these limitations, and explore alternative solutions you should consider. 

Key Points

  • Reasons MSPs Are Looking for Datto Alternatives.
  • 9 Best Datto Competitors and Alternatives to Consider.
  • Heimdal®.
  • Atera.
  • Veeam.
  • ConnectWise.
  • Commvault Cloud.
  • Acronis.
  • Zerto.
  • Microsoft Intune.
  • NinjaOne.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Reasons MSPs Are Looking for Datto Alternatives

Datto is a data backup and recovery provider. They build hardware which sits in client offices to securely backup and encrypt server data to the cloud.

They also provide cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) software which enables customers (typically MSPs) to manage their clients’ systems. 

There is no doubt that Datto’s tech is good.

The solution  won dozens of awards over the years, and has previously appeared in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant’ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions. 

But it has its limitations.

As MSPs grow and expand their offerings, it’s common to start looking for Datto alternatives.

This is due to a variety of issues.

  • Limited focus

While Datto includes several features and products, it is primarily focused on data backup and recovery.

This means that if an MSP also wishes to provide, for instance, privileged access management to its customers, then they must find an alternative supplier. 

  • Support issues

While Datto’s support has traditionally been highly regarded, there have been concerns in recent years about the quality of customer support, which has driven some MSPs to seek out Datto alternatives

  • Hardware reliance

One of the unique features of Datto’s approach to data backup is the provision of Datto devices, which store backups locally, then replicate them to Datto’s cloud.

For traditional businesses this is fine, but for companies that are cloud-first or which are moving towards a more ‘hybrid’ way of working, this focus on local backups and servers is less relevant. 

datto alternatives table

9 Best Datto Competitors and Alternatives to Consider

If your MSP is looking to move on from Datto, explore our list of nine leading Datto alternatives. 

1. Heimdal®


One of the key reasons that MSPs seek out Datto competitors is that they want a solution that does more than just data backup. That’s where Heimdal comes in. 

Not only does Heimdal support backup processes, encryption and remote management and monitoring as securely and reliably as Datto, it does much more besides.

Our solution provides a complete suite of tools that MSPs can use for every process they follow to help keep their customers’ data secure.

The best cybersecurity product available to consumers. I’ve tested virtually every cybersecurity package available, with varying results. One day, I was recommended Heimdal – I tried it and never looked back.

I once made a mistake with my license details and the support team resolved my issue immediately. They’re not only high on security but also high on customer support.

Mike H

Heimdal® features

By choosing Heimdal, you get all your security and RMM tools in a single place – rather than having to choose specialized solutions from different suppliers. 


  • Unified approach. A single platform combines all your needs, including vulnerability managementpatch managementprivileged access, network security, and firewalls to name a few.
  • Wide functionality. Traditional RMM functionality paired with a broad range of cybersecurity features.
  • No 3rd-party support. All customers have a single dedicated contract for support.
  • Privileged Access Management. A single platform to access privileged access management (PAM), privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM), and session management application control (SMAC).
  • Threat hunting. Detect the biggest weaknesses in your environment and manage realtime security events.


  • Hardware. Heimdal® currently lacks some functionality to manage hardware insights and alerts.


Heimdal® offers custom pricing based on your needs.

Get in touch with us, book a demo, and one of our representatives will take care of you and discuss all the details.

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2. Atera


Atera is one of the most popular Datto alternatives on the market. It’s built for MSPs and IT departments to manage and control networks and devices, and provides features to support with reporting, alerts, help desk and ticketing. 


  • 30 day free trial.
  • Solid patch management.
  • Quality remote access support.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Not so strong on managing network hardware.
  • The user interface could be improved.


Atera’s subscription model is, unusually, priced per individual user (that is, per technician).

Basic subscriptions start from around $100 USD per user, per month for MSPs. 


Atera Pros

+ My IT department uses Atera, as it is all-in-one monitoring and management platform, as a key tool.

For new members, Atera’s intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve.

We save time to implement and deployment de to its pre-configured features and automated workflows.

Workflows are made simpler and data silos are eliminated through seamless integration with current tools like Active Directory and PSA solutions.

The cloud-based platform makes for a minimally disruptive , rapid and easy implementation.

We depend upton Atera for daily automated task like patch management , proactive issue identification and continuous network monitoring.

It’s robust integration, responsive customer support and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for managing our team’s IT infrastructure.

Sejal G., IT Management Head

Atera Cons

 I have requested there be a way to close a support ticket on last message and return the main ticket screen. Currently this is 2 separate steps.

Exporting information found on devices to excel or csv would greatly improve the functionality, exporting data directly from the agent screen and not a report improves efficiency.

Jason W.

3. Veeam

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Veeam is a popular Datto alternative which helps MSPs backup, replicate and restore data.

The company uses virtual machines to support its backup processes.

They also provide a suite of threat detection and threat hunting solutions too. 


  • Accurate reporting.
  • Backup and replication with low bandwidth.
  • High speed backup.


  • Like Datto, mainly focused on backup, but has some additional functionality.
  • Documentation is not always clear.
  • Clunky user interface.


For the Veeam Data Platform Essentials annual subscription, you can expect to pay $428 for a five user annual license pack. 


Veeam Pros

+ Veeam’s instant recovery is an awesome feature if you ever have an issue with a VM; you can restore a backup and migrate it to production if something happens to the production server.

Agent backups are great also for targetted backups of specific folders at a higher frequesncy than full backups.

Live migration of VM if you don’t have a full sphere license.

Pretty simple to use, and support will help you fix any issues that arise with a job as far as errors go.

Phil C.

Veeam Cons

 The licensing model has changed over the years, but we have been able to get what we needed at a price we can agree with.

I don’t necessarily like all the a la carte add ons, but I’m sure that makes sense for some customers.

David M. 

4. ConnectWise


ConnectWise is a popular platform that’s targeted specifically at the needs of MSPs.

It provides you with a single place to manage cybersecurity, monitor usage of all endpoints and process tickets.

It also has a helpful business management feature that helps MSPs with sales and marketing too.  


  • Reliable tool for MSP technicians. 
  • Improves end user experience with IT.
  • Easy remote access.


  • Relatively limited number of connections.
  • Outdated and sometimes clunky user interface.
  • Customer support sometimes slow.


ConnectWise’s list pricing begins at $336/user when billed annually.


ConnectWise Pros

+ Its as much an expansion to our team as anything else. Being able to toss work to them that normally would tie up one of our resources is nice and the fact its all integrated with our CW system. Makes it easy for on call to get alerts and then toss a service issue back to them.

Benjamin K. 

ConnectWise Cons

 Sometimes updates don’t install correctly causing corruptions.

Harry Q.

5. Commvault Cloud

Commvault cloud dashboard.

Commvault Cloud is a cybersecurity platform that’s built for hybrid businesses. It provides MSPs with a secure and encrypted backup solution like Datto, but goes further with an AI-powered threat detection solution, and data compliance tools.  


  • Solid backup.
  • Reliable reporting tools.
  • Integrations with other major technology platforms.


  • Not the most user friendly interface.
  • Issues with error messaging.
  • Documentation is not always clear.


Commvault Cloud’s annual pricing for a single user begins at around $175 for a single user. 


Commvault Cloud Pros

+ Commvault Cloud stands out for its comprehensive data management, offering scalability and flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

Its robust security measures ensure data integrity, and the user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks.

With efficient data backup and recovery, cross-platform compatibility, and cost-effective solutions, Commvault Cloud optimizes storage usage and provides proactive monitoring and reporting.

These features collectively make it a reliable choice for organizations aiming for seamless and secure cloud-based data management.

Achindra K.

Commvault Cloud Cons

 For a state agency, with limited funds, the one drawback is the cost of licensing.

CommVault does offer a great EDU discount program.

However, the results and peace of mind you get from knowing that your data is protected few outweighs the cost.

Randall D. 

6. Acronis


Acronis is a well-respected cloud backup and storage solution that is especially well-suited to the era of remote work.

It provides multiple device management and security features that make it a solid Datto alternative. 


  • Proactive scanning of cloud files.
  • Lower cost.
  • Targeted to the needs of SMEs.


  • Somewhat limited functionality, so less valuable to enterprises.
  • Limited scalability.
  • There have been reports of backup failures.


Acronis’ annual pricing for a single user begins at $85 per year. 


Acronis Pros

+ Previously acronis was a backup solution, now with recent updates it has become a full security solution with features like vulnerability scan.

Backup taking part is also very advanced.

Acronis has implemented a client server architecture, which makes it very easy to implement in enterprise environment.

Naveed A.

Acronis Cons

 The Acronis folks seem to struggle at times with the user interface.

The design is not as simple as it could be, and because I don’t use the software every day, I need to “relearn” it a bit with every use.

They have tried to make it simpler and more automatic, but those efforts have fallen short.

Still, the underlying feature set is solid and the software has always been reliable,

Paul P., President

7. Zerto

Zerto dashboard view

Zerto is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service and cybersecurity solution that provides MSPs with a solid Datto alternative.

The firm’s technology provides protection and recovery for both on-prem and cloud platforms.

As a software-only technology, it gives MSPs a single interface to manage all their customers’ environments. 


  • Strong virtual machine replication and recovery.
  • Very good cloud integration.
  • Relatively easy configuration.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Lack of customizability.
  • Comparatively expensive.


Zerto annual pricing begins at around $745 per license per year. 


Zerto Pros

+ This tool has changed the way of DR or DR tests.

Very simple and easy to manage, and the best part of we can make a point of recovery of protected VMs, and the DR is possible for VMs running with RDMs.

Rohit K. 

Zerto Cons

 The only thing that I dislike is that the myzerto portal, the username or email is case sensitive.

That took some time to figure out with support.

The other thing that I would love to see is application aware backups and recovery.

With Zerto 7 the ability to have backups and disaster recovery was amazing.

But there is still a need for application based backup solution for certain applications.

Sam P., Regional Director of IT

8. Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune dashboard view

If you’re an MSP whose customers mainly work in the Microsoft ecosystem, then Microsoft Intune is one of the best Datto alternatives.

Intune provides a range of RMM tools including a configuration manager, endpoint analytics and an admin center.

Note that Microsoft Intune doesn’t offer backups itself – but there are other Microsoft tools that can do this. 


  • Patch many devices fast.
  • Regular updates.
  • Perfect for managing Microsoft 365 apps.


  • Doesn’t directly provide a backup service.
  • Focused on Microsoft apps, less useful if you use third party technology.
  • Not so strong for remote device management.


Microsoft Intune annual pricing from as little as $48 per year for basic plans. 


Microsoft Intune Pros

+ Intune supports a variety of devices, including Windows PCs, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

The device enrollment process is often user-friendly.

Implement and enforce security measures, such as conditional access policies and mobile threat defense, to protect corporate data.

Easy to Integrate with Microsoft Defender and Easy yo Implement.

You can even have full Control over a Endpoint.

Have vast Customization Options.

Zahid D. 

Microsoft Intune Cons

 Integration with Apple devices is not very intuitive. other than that, it is one of the best MDM tools out there.

Oved B. 

8. NinjaOne

NinjaOne - Top-rated UEM & IT Management Software

Built for MSPs, NinjaOne is one of the more popular Datto alternatives. It provides comprehensive endpoint management, monitoring, patch and software deployment, as well as backup and remote access features.  


  • Easy to use.
  • Granular management of patches.
  • Single pane of glass view of all endpoints.


  • Reporting issues.
  • Limited Mac support.
  • No MDM or PAM solutions.


NinjaOne pricing is calculated based on the specific number of devices, users and features you protect, meaning subscription costs vary significantly from one customer to the next. 


NinjaOne Pros

+ What I love is the all in one setup on NinjaOne.

What I mean is that I can remote into our devices as well as do ticketing system and deploy software from the same admin portal.

I also love the fact that I can see the full details of a device such as Domain, OS, IP Address of the hardware of the Wi-Fi and LAN as well as the serial number of the device.

I don’t have to physically go to the location of the device to get any of this information and I love it because it saves me time.

I am a all in one IT person in our company and this helps me so much.

Jaime H. 

NinjaOne Cons

 It’s missing a few features that would be nice, but their mobile app is probably needing the most help.

However I can log into computers with it.

Offline equipment is also not as easy to add – but can be done.

They are working on improving this and I have seen improvements over the past year.

Adam L., IT Support Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Datto RMM?

Datto RMM is an IT management platform for MSPs and IT professionals, enabling remote monitoring and management of client infrastructures.

What are Datto RMM’s key features?

Datto RMM offers remote control, proactive monitoring, patch management, automation, reporting, and third-party integrations.

Whare are the benefits of using Datto?

It boosts efficiency, reduces downtime, and automates tasks for better client service.

Who can benefit from using Datto?

It’s ideal for SMBs to enterprises due to its scalability.

What’s the extent of Datto’s support?

Datto provides comprehensive support via documentation, training, and a dedicated team, including a knowledge base and community forums.

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