Presidio is a company that specializes in designing, implementing, and managing agile, secure digital platforms meant to enable customers to move their businesses at a faster pace and is also provides services to ease procurement worldwide.

The company based in North America faces a proposed data breach class action by an employee in regards to an incident involving employee data.

Eric LaPrairie, a former Presidio employee, received a notice of a data breach from Presidio, and about a month later discovered that he was the victim of a SIM swap.

LaPrairie claims that following the SIM swap, the hacker was able to reset some of his online passwords and then proceeded to try and gain access to his bank accounts and other accounts storing personal documents, thus making the victim spend between 15-20 hours working with his mobile carrier in a try to correct the problem and update his online account security.

Last year in March, a hacker accessed Presidio’s servers and the personal information of 3,324 current or former employees. The information accessed included their names, Social Security numbers, employment information, and tax information. The affected employees received notices about the breach after a month, in April 2020 and Presidio offered either 12 or 24 months of credit monitoring services to all individuals who were affected.

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The victim is seeking to represent a nationwide class of all current and former employees in a data breach class action claiming negligence, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violations of several state laws, whilst seeking damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs, and also for a requirement according to which Presidio will bolster its security measures.

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