A ransomware attack aimed at one of the largest warehousing and transportation providers in the Netherlands, Bakker Logistiek, caused a cheese shortage in Dutch supermarkets.

Last week, Bakker Logistiek was the victim of a ransomware attack that encrypted their devices, therefore, disrupting food transportation and fulfillment operations, with the disruption leading to a shortage of certain food products, especially cheese, at the Netherland’s largest supermarket chain.

“We could no longer receive orders from customers,” Bakker director Toon Verhoeven told NOS. “And in our warehouses, we no longer knew where products were. These are very large warehouses, you don’t just go looking for a pallet. We also couldn’t plan our transports anymore. We have hundreds of trucks, which was not done by hand either.”


Albert Heijn posted a notice on their website with the purpose of alerting customers of the limited availability of prepackaged cheese.

Due to a technical malfunction, there is limited availability on the prepackaged cheese. The logistics service provider works hard to solve the problem as quickly as possible and to quickly restore availability. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Bakker Logistiek declared they could restore affected systems from backups and that have begun coordinating with customers to begin deliveries again.

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It remains unknown what ransomware gang targeted Bakker Logistiek, but Verhoeven has told NOS that they speculate that the threat actors gained access to their systems through the recently reported Microsoft Exchange ProxyLogon vulnerabilities, Bakker Logistiek not being the first conditioned warehouse operator to get hit in a ransomware attack, with global temperature-controlled warehouses operator Americold suffering a ransomware attack that impacted phone systems, email, inventory management, and order fulfillment, back in November 2020.


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