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Cybersecurity Basics

Cybersecurity Basics | INTERMEDIATE READ

What Is a Crypto Virus and How Does It Work?

Crypto Virus vs Ransomware: Are They Different? Learn How to Protect Your Company from Any Crypto Virus and Ransomware!

Cybersecurity Basics | INTERMEDIATE READ

Software Rot and Cybersecurity: Why Code Degradation Is Crucial to Business Safety

Software Rot May Be a Threat For Any Company. Learn What It Is and How You Can Mitigate the Risks!

Cybersecurity Basics | INTERMEDIATE READ

Heimdal™ Security’s Lost & Found Bin – The Macro Virus

Defining Macro Viruses. First Appearance and Evolution.Protecting Your Business Assets against Macro Viruses.

Cybersecurity Basics | SLOW READ

Virus vs. Worm: What’s the Difference?

What is each and how you can protect your organization against them

Cybersecurity Basics | INTERMEDIATE READ

Web Application Security - A Complete Guide

All You Need to Know about Web Application Security. Definition, Threats, Precautions and More!

Cybersecurity Basics | INTERMEDIATE READ

Adware: Definition and Removal Guide

Because life’s too short to look at unwanted ads

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