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Cezarina is the Head of Marketing Communications and PR within Heimdal® and a cybersecurity enthusiast who loves bringing her background in content marketing, UX, and data analysis together into one job. She has a fondness for all things SEO and is always open to receiving suggestions, comments, or questions.

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Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

AmeriGas Discloses 8-Second Data Breach

Although the Attack Lasted Briefly, It Managed to Impact 123 Company Employees.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

G7 Demands Russia to Hedge Against Domestic Ransomware Gangs

On Sunday, G7 Leaders Urged Russia Take Action Against Threat Actors Conducting Cyberattacks and Using Ransomware from Within Its Borders.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

McDonald’s Suffers Security Breach

The Hackers Stole Sensitive Data from the Company’s Systems in Markets Including the U.S., South Korea, and Taiwan.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Ransomware Attack Hits Foodservice Distributor Edward Don

The Attack Forced the Company to Shut Down Some of Its Operations to Prevent the Infection’s Spread.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Hackers Are Tampering with Pre-Installed Apps to Spy on Samsung Users

The Threat Actors Can Watch Users, and Even Take Complete Control of the Entire System.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Gelsemium Cyberspies Linked to NoxPlayer Supply-Chain Attack

Researchers Believe That Gelsemium Is Responsible for the Supply-Chain Attack Against Bignox, Previously Reported as Operation Nightscout.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Cox Media Group Hit by Cyberattack

Streaming and Other Internal Operations of Dozens of Radio and Television Stations Were Crippled in A Suspected Ransomware Attack.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

FBI: BEC Scammers Now Impersonate Construction Companies

Since They Don’t Use Malware or Malicious URLs That Can Be Detected with Standard Cyber Defenses, these BEC Attacks Are Difficult to Trace.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Hits Electronics Maker ADATA

The Threat Actors Claim They Have Stolen 1.5TB Of Sensitive Data from the Company’s Network Before Deploying the Ransomware Payloads.

Cybersecurity Basics | QUICK READ

What Is Protocol and Its Types in Networking?

Defining a Protocol in Computer Network Science. Types of Networking Protocols.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Ransomware Attacks to Be Treated with Similar Priority as Terrorism, DOJ Announces

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Recent Wave of Ransomware Attacks Was Similar to What the U.S. Faced After 9/11.

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