Here’s the truth: we’re both excited and nervous.


Because this is the first time we’ve dedicated a blogpost to one of our products. As you know, we don’t usually do this because we’d rather talk about cyber security challenges that are relevant for all of us, but we’re making an exception this time.

But there’s also another reason for our excitement: we’re almost ready to launch the new Heimdal PRO!

*Later edit: the beta campaign has ended.

Following the “practice what you preach” mantra, we’ve been working hard to improve our product from backend to frontend. Now it’s almost time to release it into the wild, but before we do, we want your feedback!

the new heimdal pro 3

Test the new Heimdal PRO firsthand

You may not know this, but the intelligence that fuels Heimdal PRO is the one that inspires most of our blogposts. So we wanted to invite you to join our beta testing program because you’ve so kindly invested time and energy into reading (and hopefully applying) the recommendations we post in our articles.

You already have an appetite for increasing your protection – why not explore it further?

Sign up to test the new Heimdal PRO by going to the dedicated page and following the steps listed there.

the new heimdal pro 2

We’ve also included some nice perks that you may want to check out, such as:

  • Heimdal PRO lifetime licenses for the top 5 beta testers in queue once the registration period ends
  • 1 year Heimdal PRO licenses for the top 50 beta testers in queue
  • and 6 months Heimdal PRO licenses for everyone on the list!

We’re looking for feedback from everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re highly technical or not technical at all. We’ll be in touch with you at all times and you’ll be able to give us feedback directly, that we’ll then analyze and include in future product updates.

Did we spark your curiosity?

If you want to take the new Heimdal PRO for a spin, here’s the place to start.

the new heimdal pro 1

The easy way to protect yourself against malware
Here's 1 month of Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home, on the house!
Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home
Use it to: Block malicious websites and servers from infecting your PC Auto-update your software and close security gaps Keep your financial and other confidential details safe


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