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Broward Health is a non-profit, public hospital system managed by the North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners, a seven-member district board selected by the Governor.

What Happened?

Broward Health recently reported that it had been the victim of a media data breach in which a hacker obtained access to their network of confidential patient information.

According to the organization, back in October, a hacker exploited a third-party supplier to get access to their network and reveal personal and medical data for select patients and workers.

According to the hospital, the hacker gained access to data such as names, social security numbers, bank information, addresses, and insurance and medical information.

It looks like the large-scale data breach incident impacted 1,357,879 individuals.

As thoroughly reported by BleepingComputer, an investigation revealed the threat actors gained access to patient’s personal medical information, which could include: full name, date of birth, physical address, phone number, financial or bank information, social security number, insurance information, and account number, medical information and history, condition, treatment, and diagnosis, driver’s license number and email address.

Although Broward Health admits that the aforementioned data was exfiltrated by a network intruder, it emphasizes that there is no proof the threat actors actually exploited it.

Notably, the source of the breach has been identified as a third-party medical provider who was granted access to the system in order to perform their services.

In response to this incident, Broward Health is taking steps to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, which include the ongoing investigation, a password reset with enhanced security measures across the enterprise, and the implementation of multifactor authentication for all users of its systems.

We have also begun implementation of additional minimum-security requirements for devices that are not managed by Broward Health Information Technology that access our network, which will become effective in January 2022.


Because of the important nature of the revealed material, recipients of the alerts must be wary of all kinds of contact.

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