Ukraine’s Cyberpolice Department announced an operation during which they busted a phishing gang. The police arrested two scammers and confiscated equipment used for phishing frauds.

Threat actors managed to steal $4,300,000 from over a thousand victims across the EU.

The Phishing Scam

The gang runs over 100 phishing sites that advertise low-price products to attract victims. They con people in France, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Portugal, among other European countries.

Once a user placed an order, he didn’t get any merchandise, of course. But cybercriminals seized the moment to steal the credit card details the victim entered on the site.

It is still unclear how users were attracted to the phishing sites. Hackers may use malvertising, phishing emails, or even direct messages on social media platforms.

Then, scammers used the stolen information to buy products online. A well-established network was in charge of laundering the sums of money.

Ukrainian Authorities Stop a Phishing Scam Worth $4.3 million


The Police Operation

Ukrainian authorities identify the gang’s call centers in Vinnytsia and Lviv. These centers were communicating with the clients, convincing them of the legitimacy of the business.

The police made over 30 searches in homes, call centers, and cars. In consequence, they confiscated computer equipment, mobile phones, and SIM cards for examination.

Two persons are under arrest in Ukraine. It is believed that they are the organizers of the criminal gang. They are charged with fraud, establishment, and leadership of a criminal organization, as well as participation in it. Both face a sentence of a maximum of 12 years, as well as confiscation of property. Other 10 people are detained across Europe.

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