The ransomware dubbed BlackMatter continues its attacks with one more hit. This time, Marketron, the business provider of media industry-related revenue and profitability managements services, was the one impacted.

The Ransomware Dubbed BlackMatter: Marketron a New Victim

The attack happened over the weekend. The company’s CEO, Jim Howard, informed his customers about this in an e-mail he sent them Sunday night.

The ransomware dubbed Blackmatter Ceo e-mail

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According to the CEO’S words: “the Russian criminal organization BlackMatter” is behind this new cyberattack.

The message also approaches clients with apologies for the inconvenience and explains that the company it’s not aware of how this might have happened since the investments in corporate cybersecurity have been increased recently.

The enterprise makes efforts into restoring its systems by getting in touch with the FBI and the hackers.

What Happened Next?

At the beginning of the week, on Monday, Marketron officially announced the occurrence of the cyberattack and the impact it had on its network. As a result, they went offline with their services.

What Services Were Taken Offline?

The attack had effects on:

  • Marketron Traffic
  • Visual Traffic Cloud
  • Exchange
  • Advertiser Portal services

Other services that were taken offline just as a prevention measure were RadioTraffic and RepPak.

What Remained Online?

  • Pitch
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Messaging

The VP of Marketing from the company, by her name Bo Bandy, also talked officially about this on Monday detailing what the company does towards this and she added that an investigation led by third-party forensic investigators is in progress in order to

to understand the full nature and scope of the event, determine root cause, and to ensure the integrity, safety, and security of our systems and data.


The same person also declared for BleepingComputer publication that the measures the enterprise took after the discovery of this cyberattack were to announce the law enforcement and work on environment securing measures.

The Ransomware Dubbed BlackMatter: not at Its First Attack

As my colleague Dora wrote yesterday on the BlackMatter ransomware topic, this malware is not at its first victim. It affected New Cooperative, a farm service provider with its headquarters in Iowa. The ransomware group is said to have stolen 1,000GB of data from the company and demanded a $5.9 million ransom for files recovery.

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