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FAQs on Netlogon

What do I do if Netlogon services don’t start?

If Netlogon doesn’t start, check for any dependencies that might not be running. Check the Event Viewer for specific error messages that could guide further troubleshooting.

Where is the Netlogon folder?

The NetLogon folder is located in the %systemroot%\Sysvol\Sysvol\Domain Name\Scripts path. It contains logon scripts and group policies that can be used by computers deployed within a domain.

What are 5 common Netlogon error codes?

  • Incorrect network password – 0XC000006A
  • User is not allowed to sign in to this computer – 0XC0000070
  • Logon was attempted but the network logon service was not active – 0XC0000192
  • User must change password before signing in – 0XC0000224
  • The computer is protected by an authentication firewall. The account is not allowed to authenticate to the computer – 0XC0000413