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English PVC-U manufacturer Eurocell suffered a data breach this year, in July. The threat actors managed to infiltrate the organization’s network and steal sensitive employee data.

The company announced the incidents to the present and former employees in a letter, although it is not certain if the former staff data has been copied or not.

At this moment Eurocell company has over 2,000 employees cumulated in its 210 U.K. branches.

What Data Has Been Stolen and How It Can Be Used

The cybercriminals reached important data in the Eurocell network, such as:

  • employment terms and conditions
  • date of birth
  • next of kin
  • bank account
  • national insurance
  • tax-reference numbers
  • right to work documentation
  • health and wellbeing-related documents
  • learning and development records
  • disciplinary and grievance-related documents

“We detected the incident promptly and our core systems were restored quickly, with the business remaining operational throughout the period and trading normally from mid-August. We expect our cyber insurance will largely cover the financial impact of the disruption”, said Eurocell CEO Mark Kell, on September 1, according to DerbyshireLive.

The main concern now is that the stolen data will end up on the Dark Web due to its great value to hackers. This type of leaked corporate data can be used in phishing campaigns, to give just one example.

The affected employees have been advised to contact the company as soon as possible if they have any cybersecurity concerns, and also to be cautious with any unexpected messages to reduce the possibility that further information is extracted from them.

“You should be wary of receiving any unexpected communications, particularly if they appear to have come from someone claiming to represent Eurocell. These could be cleverly disguised phishing attacks that are designed to extract further information from you”, warned Hayes Connor, data protection law expert.

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