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Mizuno Corporation, founded in 1906, is a Japanese sports equipment and apparel company that manufactures sports equipment and sportswear for golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, running, rugby, skiing, swimming, cycling, judo, table tennis, badminton, boxing, and athletics.

According to BleepingComputer, after being impacted by a ransomware attack, the global organization is currently facing phone outages and order delays.

What Happened?

On the condition of anonymity, they were told that Mizuno’s corporate network in the United States was targeted by ransomware over the weekend of February 4th. This cyberattack caused widespread business disruption, including phone outages, product delivery delays, and website difficulties.

Customers first noticed the service disruption on Tuesday when the corporate phone systems stopped working, and a banner warning of order delays appeared on the website.


Customers who tried to access the website’s Contact page were greeted with a message stating that there was an error connecting to that section of the site. According to BleepingComputer, customers were told by Mizuno support representatives that “their internal systems were down and they could no longer look up existing orders.”

Golf RWX forum users also posted:

I just had a chat with a Mizuno representative aka ‘Caddy’, and Caddy told me their whole system is down so no one can even order anything(baseball, golf, softball, volleyball, swimming, training, etc products) from them at the moment.  Caddy also said they’re currently working on restoring their system and will be up and running tomorrow at the earliest but could be later than that.


Others claimed they were told that orders would be delayed up to a month because Mizuno was unable to print shipping labels.

The ransomware attack couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Mizuno, who had just released their Mizuno Pro 221, 223, and 225 golf irons on February 3rd, which were heavily preordered and eagerly awaited by many clients.

Mizuno resellers are also affected by the IT outages, as they can no longer access Mizuno’s ‘Direct Connect’ B2B website, which they use to place orders.

What Is Mizuno Saying?

According to BleepingComputer, Mizuno remains silent about the ransomware attack, refusing to make a public statement about what is causing their week-long shutdowns.

We previously reported on the San Francisco 49ers, an American football team that was the victim of an attack that resulted in a brief outage of their information technology network.

According to my colleague Dora’s article, the team did not confirm whether or not the ransomware was successfully delivered but stated they were still in the process of restoring systems, implying that the devices were most likely encrypted.

The BlackByte gang took credit for the 49ers’ hack yesterday, just as the NFL was getting ready for the Super Bowl in 2022, by starting to release data that they say is comprised of stolen files from the 49ers’ computer network server.


How Can Heimdal Help?

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