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The SBU is the primary law-enforcement body in Ukraine, as well as the primary government security agency in the fields of counterintelligence activity and counter-terrorist activities.

What Happened?

The SSU thinks that Ukraine is subjected to a hybrid warfare campaign meant to induce fear and weaken public faith in the government’s capacity to protect its population.

In an official statement, the Ukraine SSU mentioned the fact that the domestic information arena is now undergoing an extraordinary impact unparalleled in history, in an attempt to create fear throughout the country, propagate false information, and misrepresent the true condition of events are being made. This is nothing more than another enormous wave of hybrid warfare, all rolled into a single package.

The Security Service, within its authority, is continuously analyzing various scenarios – there is a clear action plan for each of them. Together with the leadership of the state, executive and legislative branches, other law enforcement and security authorities, we are ready to respond to the situation not only when the need arises, but in advance. And we are already doing this.

At the same time, we fully understand the motives of the current information pressure – to sow anxiety in Ukrainian society, to undermine confidence in the state’s ability to protect its citizens, to destabilize our unity.

The SSU is seeing such manifestations of hybrid warfare in social networks, some mass media, in the spread of narratives of the aggressor state by certain politicians, etc. The SSU is not just observing these, but also actively counteracting to them. This is reflected in the NSDC decisions, number of neutralized cyberattacks, dismantling of numerous bot farms, exposing agent networks of hostile intelligence services and preventing sabotage and terrorist attacks.

The SSU officers are working in all regions of our country in an intensified mode. We are ready to defend Ukraine.

However, stability and peace in our country at the moment depend not only on the government, but also on the measured actions of every Ukrainian. We should all remain calm and resist provocations. Panic and destabilization play into the enemies’ hands, and do not benefit Ukraine.

We all need to think critically and check all the information; be guided by data from official sources, not anonymous ones; learn to distinguish truth from fakes.

And let’s not forget – Ukraine’s strength is not only in a powerful army, but in the unity of everyone of us. Together, we are able to defend Ukraine. Our freedom, independence and dignity.


As BleepingComputer reported, two bot farms connected to Russian special services and in charge of 18,000 social media profiles were taken down by the Ukrainian government’s security service in the last several weeks.

The two botnets were used to disseminate false information in order to cause panic, as well as to make bomb threats in order to disrupt activities around the nation.

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