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Copenhagen, October 11th, 2021 – Heimdal™ Security (Heimdal™) partnered with reseller Sumillion to deliver a highly educational webinar on the current cyberattack landscape and how it impacts small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The session was hosted by none other than Heimdal™’s very own Senior Channel Manager, Alan Case.

After a quick overview of Heimdal™’s history in the cybersecurity industry and an overview of the SME market, Alan highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in this field. Small enterprises are unfortunately becoming increasingly targeted by hackers due to their lack of attack preparedness in terms of training, tools, and experience.

To illustrate the current state of cybersecurity, the webinar focused on the top five types of cyberattacks that hackers are going for nowadays.

  1.  Ransomware, one of the most prevalent cyber-threats in the current attack landscape. A very lucrative operation, incident numbers are on the rise every day.
  2.  Phishing, which is a highly successful method to spread malware. With more and more of the workforce turning remote these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this type of attack is one of the most successful.
  3.  Password-based attacks, whose purpose is to steal company credentials and gain access to your business accounts.
  4.  APTs, an acronym that stands for Advanced Persistent Threats. In this type of attack, a cybercriminal uses several layers of attacks to breach your company network and exploit its vulnerabilities.
  5.  Man-in-the-middle attacks and their many subtypes rely on placing malware in your corporate system meant to intercept the communications that are going on between devices and the server.

Fortunately, proactive protection against these prevalent threats and many others is completely achievable in an SME context. The pillars of such an approach are secured physical access, cybersecurity awareness training, strong password policies, reliable data backups, the zero-trust model, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity software. As always, Heimdal™ is here to help with the latter.

For a more in-depth discussion on the topics summarized above, you can watch the webinar in its entirety on the Sumillion website. Thus, if you want to find out more about these five types of cyberattacks, as well as to protect your company against them, don’t hesitate to visit our reseller’s page for the full-length recording.

About Sumillion

Sumillion is an IT infrastructure and services provider headquartered in Basingstoke, the largest city in England’s Hampshire County. As a company, they are devoted to delivering the best results possible to their clients. This is why Sumillion’s dedicated team of account managers is always available to discuss any inquiries and concerns. Covering every single base from their cutting-edge CRM systems to their flawless communication with all suppliers, everything Sumillion does has their customers’ success at heart.

About Heimdal™ Security

Heimdal™ Security is a strongly emerging cybersecurity provider established in 2014 in Copenhagen, currently spanning offices across the world. With a spectacular year-over-year growth and an impressive ahead-of-the-curve approach to threatscape trends, Heimdal™ Security is the go-to solution for unified, intelligent cybersecurity made easy. In March 2020, Heimdal™ Security was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, fueling its networks of growth and distribution even further.

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Alina Georgiana Petcu

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Alina Georgiana Petcu

Product Marketing Manager

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Alina Georgiana Petcu is a Product Marketing Manager within Heimdal™ Security and her main interest lies in institutional cybersecurity. In her spare time, Alina is also an avid malware historian who loves nothing more than to untangle the intricate narratives behind the world's most infamous cyberattacks.

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