When cybersecurity advances made hacking a more expensive illegal pursuit, would-be digital thieves switched to social engineering more and more. As long as they could get insiders to trust them, they could make off with company assets in an easier way than fighting the built-in cyber-defenses. That’s why Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have risen so much over the past few years.

Almost every month brings yet more news of successful BEC scams. It’s usually public institutions, like city administrations or hospitals, who get targeted by these scams the most. But businesses also make ripe targets for scammers. On average, a successful BEC scam can cost companies around $59,000 per incident, and from July 2016 to July 2019, the total losses caused by BEC scams surpassed $26 billion, according to FBI’s data.

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Email is the most common attack vector used as an entry point into an organization’s systems.

Heimdal® Email Security

Is the next-level email protection solution which secures all your incoming and outgoing comunications.
  • Completely secure your infrastructure against email-delivered threats;
  • Deep content scanning for malicious attachments and links;
  • Block Phishing and man-in-the-email attacks;
  • Complete email-based reporting for compliance & auditing requirements;
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To answer the need for extra defenses against BEC attacks, Heimdal™ Security launches Heimdal™ Email Security. Heimdal™ Email Security is a cybersecurity module designed to identify and prevent email fraud. Beyond the simple protection, you can get from a spam filter, this new product will allow businesses everywhere to elude the paralysis of multiple-person approvals and double-checks.

Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO Heimdal Security details:

“Heimdal™ Email Security will, at last, be able to secure the final frontier of cyberattacks: fraud which relies on human trust. Businesses can now no longer be preyed on by ruthless imposters or waste valuable time in double-checking and questioning every seemingly legitimate request. With our new Heimdal™ Email Security product, we expect to lead the market for all mail fraud technologies. From now on, you can prevent CEO fraud and business email compromise in a single blow dealt with hackers.”

How Will Heimdal™ Email Security Work?

Heimdal™ Email Security is a specialized add-on to any spam filter already in place. It will pair over 125 vectors to detect fraud attempts and properly flag them. Combining email signature scans to word scans in order to detect changed IBAN codes and so on, no suspicious detail will pass unnoticed.

The new Heimdal™ Email Security product will be available as part of a personalized Enterprise suite, or as a stand-alone module. With its complex network of vectors, the BEC protection cybersecurity product will automatically detect:

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Email-deployed Malware
  • Phishing and Spear Phishing
  • Imposter Threats (Modified Invoices)
  • CEO Fraud and Criminal Impersonation
  • Man-in-the-email and Spoofing Attacks
  • Malicious content in historical emails


With Heimdal™ Email Security your business will also receive live monitoring 24/7 by a team specialized in BEC fraud defense. This way, you can detect malicious intent in due time and prevent any costly mistakes.

Raising employee awareness about scams and Business Email Compromise (BEC) is always a good idea, but businesses shouldn’t rely on it. Heimdal™ Email Security and its automatic scan vectors will help where human vigilance fails so that scammers won’t stand a chance.

At the same time, its intelligence will be aided by the expertise of the 24/7 specialist team on-call for analyzing suspicious emails. With Heimdal™ Email Security, you can stand out from your competition by harnessing the capability of innovative technology, coupled with human ingeniousness.

You can read more about Heimdal™ Email Security and schedule a free demo HERE.

Note: Heimdal™ Email Security will be live and ready to deploy on 31st October 2019.

About Heimdal Security: Heimdal Security is an emerging cybersecurity company, founded in 2014 in Copenhagen by winners of the world ethical hacking competition Defcon CTF. Since then, the company has grown spectacularly, earning awards for both its proactive security suite (Anti-Malware Solution of the Year in 2018) and for its blog, providing intelligence to security outlets worldwide (Most Educational Security Blog in 2016).

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Linda Lindquist on May 21, 2020 at 7:18 pm

Is there a mail sentry that i can install on my resudential clients computers?

I currently am a reseller for Thor foresight and am happy with this product.

So many of my clients fall for phishing emails and complain about having to delete the hundreds of sleezy stuff in their spam folders that i am looking for an effective, cost friendly solution for them.

Miriam Cihodariu on May 22, 2020 at 11:32 am

Hi Linda,

If you are a reseller for Thor Foresight, then it would be easy to also become a reseller for our MailSentry solution which would solve the phishing emails problem for your clients. Please contact your account manager (or the person you have been in touch with for your previous collaboration with us) and they will help you set up the details.

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