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Heimdal Security (Heimdal) partnered with Bechtle UK will be holding a free online webinar on the 29th of March called “An insight into cybersecurity and the key threats”.

This webinar will give you deep knowledge about what factors add to how a business vulnerability can be exploited and further leads to a cyberattack, what are the most common types of cybersecurity threats and what is the best method to mitigate them. Besides, you’ll learn more about the ever-emergent ransomware as companies need to understand how to efficiently approach the risk of cyberattacks and their impact in the business context.

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People interested in finding more and expanding their knowledge on the CyberSec threat landscape can REGISTER FOR FREE.

James Lothian, Security Consultant at Bechtle UK will be leading the presentation and he will be joined by Alan Case, Channel Sales Manager at Heimdal Security. The hosts will share with you a valuable understanding of the cybersecurity landscape and what triggers security concerns and will support you with any questions you might have on the topic.

You can find more details on Bechtle’s Webinars Platform.

About Bechtle

Bechtle is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of IT solutions and services. Established in 1983, Bechtle provides a common platform for IT procurement across 14 European countries. The unique Global IT Alliance network also enables support outside of Europe. With access to over 80,000 products and an in-house team of experts, Bechtle is a trusted provider for all your IT needs.

About Heimdal™

Heimdal is a fast-growing cybersecurity company focused on continuous technological innovation. Since its establishment in 2014 in Copenhagen, the company has experienced spectacular growth by proactively building products that anticipate threatscape trends.

Heimdal offers a multi-layered security suite that combines threat prevention, patch and asset management, endpoint rights management, and antivirus and mail security which together secure customers against cyberattacks and keep critical information and intellectual property safe.

Currently, the company’s cybersecurity solutions are deployed in more than 45 countries and supported regionally from offices in 15+ countries, by 175+ highly qualified specialists. Heimdal is ISAE 3000 certified and secures more than 2 million endpoints for over 10,000 companies around the world.

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