The world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pool,, announced it was the victim of a cyberattack that resulted in the theft of approximately $3 million worth of crypto assets. is the seventh largest cryptocurrency mining pool, accounting for 2.66% of the network’s total hash rate, according to its mining pool tracker.

Some Stolen Assets Recovered 

During the attack, lost about $700,000 worth of crypto owned by its clients and $2.3 million in digital assets owned by the company.

In the cyberattack, certain digital assets were stolen, including approximately US$700,000 in asset value owned by’s clients and about US$2.3 million in asset value held by the company. reported the incident to Chinese law enforcement authorities in Shenzhen after detecting the attack on December 3rd, 2022.

The company has recovered some of the stolen cryptocurrency despite not disclosing the amount.

The authorities launched an investigation on December 23rd, 2022, collected evidence, and requested assistance and coordination from relevant agencies.


No Information About the Stolen Data said it had taken measures to prevent similar attacks in the future and that the attack has not impacted it.

Following the discovery of this cyberattack, the company implemented technology to better block and intercept hackers.

Aside from its digital asset services,’s client fund services are unaffected.

There is no information on how the attackers stole the cryptocurrency or if any data or personal information was stolen.

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