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Our partners from Business IT Plus have recently published a very interesting case study in which they explore the importance of having a good antivirus solution installed.

Business IT Plus has been working alongside multiple small businesses since 2002. By partnering with companies like Microsoft, ESET Antivirus, or Draytek Routers, they supply the big brands and build their own custom range of computers for all budgets.

A client called us recently, understandably very concerned that after a Google search and entering what they thought was the Amazon website, multiple error messages appeared on their screen. A voice was also sounding out of the computer’s speakers stating “your IP address has been corrupted, please call the number on the screen, do not turn off your computer”. Now luckily and firstly, our client had the common sense not to call this number, and secondly, they had us as their IT provider to help them!!! We were able to quickly identify that this was on a browser which we were able to close down and it immediately stopped the warnings with no damage done to the computer. Most importantly, they did NOT call the number on their screen as indicated to do as this is exactly what they wanted – you panic then call the number!


Let’s Unpack This Scam

As with many other scams that use the same technique, the authors of this specific one are relying on the users’ quick reaction in submissively performing the actions that the malicious actors are after.

In this case, a message popped up on the user’s screen requesting them to contact a so-called “technician” via phone in order to find out of their IP address is being used by malicious actors.

As you might expect, the scammers would claim to be working for a reputable company.
They will say that they are able to fix the problem, and this is where the scam gets interesting as the scammers will ask the user to pay a fee and grant them remote access to the endpoint as well.

Needless to say, you never should do that.

How Can You Stay Safe?

First of all, we should discuss a few easy ways that, when correctly applied will keep most cyber dangers at bay.

Again, it goes without saying but, you should never open any attachments or links that you see in emails coming from unknown senders and you should never give remote access to your computer to a stranger.

Fortunately, in this situation, the user did not panic and used common sense as well as the correct IT procedures to deal with the situation, and contacted their IT provider.

They took care of the situation without allowing the scammers to infiltrate the network and collect precious data.

It’s important to understand that even if the human factor is extremely important when trying to stay safe from scams like this, a good antivirus solution might be the one thing that saves the day.

Heimdal™ Next Gen Antivirus is able to detect sophisticated online threats like ransomware, hidden backdoors, rootkits, brute-force attacks, and even undetectable malware.

By making use of four layers of impeccable detection powered by Heimdal™ Security’s unique intelligence it is able to detect and mitigate even the most complex threats.

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