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Madalina, a seasoned digital content creator at Heimdal®, blends her passion for cybersecurity with an 8-year background in PR & CSR consultancy. Skilled in making complex cyber topics accessible, she bridges the gap between cyber experts and the wider audience with finesse.

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Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Widespread Vulnerability in SSH Servers: The Terrapin Attack Threat

Research Reveals Nearly 11 Million SSH Servers Exposed to New Security Flaw.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Major Data Breach at HealthEC Affects Millions

Over 4.5M Patients’ Data Compromised in Healthcare Tech Firm Incident.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

NSA Releases 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review Report

Key Achievements and Collaborations in National Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Major Data Breach at ESO Solutions Affects 2.7 Million Patients

Healthcare Software Provider Hit by Ransomware, Exposing Sensitive Patient Data.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

LockBit Ransomware Targets German Energy Agency Dena

The Group Threatened to Release the Data on December 26.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Tipalti Is Investigating Alleged Ransomware Attack

Black Cat/ALPHV Claimed the Attack and Started Threatening Several of its Customers.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Navy Contractor Austal USA Confirms Cyberattack

Hunters International Has Threatened to Expose the Data Stolen from Austal’s Systems in the Coming Days.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Gloucester City Council Incurs £1.1 Million Cost in Ransomware Recovery

Extensive Costs and ICO Reprimand Follow Cyber Attack on English Council.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Welltok Data Breach Affects Over 8.5 Million Patients

The Breach Exposed Data Across Multiple States and Healthcare Providers.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

FBI and CISA Issue Advisory on Rhysida Ransomware

The Ransomware Group Victimized at Least 62 Companies.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Samsung UK Online Store Suffers Data Breach

Customers’ Personal Information, Compromised.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

OpenAI Faces DDoS Attacks on Its API and ChatGPT Services

‘There Was an Error Generating a Response’.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

35 Million LinkedIn Users' Information Shared on Hacking Forum

The Scraped Data Is a Blend of Real and Fabricated Details.

Endpoint security | INTERMEDIATE READ

The Most Common Healthcare Cyberattacks

From Ransomware to DDoS, Discover the Most Frequent Threats that Target Healthcare Organizations.

Access Management | INTERMEDIATE READ

Privilege Overreach, the Lurking PAM Security Threat

How Many Access Rights Do Your Users Have?

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Toronto Public Library Under Cyberattack

The Library Reported Experiencing Technical Difficulties with Online Services, WiFi, and Printing.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

University of Michigan Faces Data Breach Impacting Many of its Affiliates

The Incident Exposed the Data of Students, Applicants, Alumni, Donors, Employees and More.

Endpoint security | INTERMEDIATE READ

What Is a DNS Server? Definition, Purpose and Safety Measures

Why Does the DNS Server Matter in Internet Browsing?

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Progress Software Under Legal and Financial Scrutiny After MOVEit Incident

58 Class Action Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against the Company.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Women Political Leaders Summit Targeted with Backdoor Malware

The Malicious Actors Set Up a Website that Resembled the Original.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Clorox's Profit Takes Major Hit Due to Cyberattack

The Company Is Said to Be Attacked by the Same Group that Broke into MGM.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Florida Circuit Court,Victim of a Ransomware Attack

ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Group Claims the Attack.

All things Heimdal | INTERMEDIATE READ

7 Best MXDR Services

An MXDR Service Can Enhance Resources, Provide Higher Expertise, and Help Overcome Alert Fatigue.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Johnson Controls Faces Ransomware Attack, Risking DHS Security Data

Dark Angels Gang Claims to Have Stolen 27 Terabytes of Sensitive Data from the Company.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

New Malware-as-a-Service Gains Traction Among Cybercriminals

Its Capabilities Include Payload Execution, Keylogging, Remote Command Execution and More.

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