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In the previous months, threat actors have been heavily targeting Australian companies, two of the most notorious cases being the leaking of data from Optus, the country’s second-largest telecom provider, and Medibank, the largest health insurance company in Australia.

The hacker’s actions prompted the Australian government to promise its citizens retribution against threat actors.

The country’s government declared the creation of a joint ongoing operation against cybercriminal groups. One hundred cybersecurity professionals and experts will participate in the effort to dismantle ransomware cartels.

“Message for all cybercriminals: Australia is fighting back.”

Clare O’Neil, Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security declared in an interview with ABC News Australia that they are not going to sit back while the citizens of Australia are treated this way by cyber criminals.

We’re setting up a permanent standing operation, a partnership of new policing between the Australian Signals Directorate and the Australian Federal Police… they will scour the world, hunt down the criminal syndicates and gangs who are targeting Australia in cyber attacks and disrupt their efforts. This is Australia standing up and punching back.

Claire O’Neil, Australian Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security

The squad will consist of 100 of the best, most capable cyber experts in the country, tasked with offensively attacking the cyber groups that may pose a threat to Australia.

This is not a model of policing where we wait for a crime to be committed, and then try to understand who it is and do something to the people who are responsible. We are offensively going to find these people, hunt them down, and debilitate them before they can attack our country.

Claire O’Neil, Australian Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security

Threat actors have caused immense damage to the country in the last few months alone. First, the data breach of Optus, the second-largest telecom provider in the country, led to the data leakage of almost 10 million Australians, one of the worst cyber attacks the country has ever faced in its history.

Besides the Optus breach, Medibank, the largest health insurance company in the country, has been the victim of a ransomware attack, where the data of almost 3 million clients of the company was accessed by cyber criminals.

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