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Heimdal Security now provides the recommended banking security for RBS Business Banking customers using their Bankline service, offering accessible, multilayered protection against the most advanced online threats. Heimdal Security, the winner of the Anti Malware Solution of the Year at the CSA Awards 2018, has the pleasure of providing its award-winning security software solutions to Royal Bank of ScotlandNatWest and Ulster Bank customers. 

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Antivirus is no longer enough to keep an organization’s systems secure.

Heimdal® DNS Security Solution

Is our next gen proactive DNS-Layer security that stops unknown threats before they reach your endpoints.
  • Machine learning powered scans for all incoming online traffic;
  • Stops data breaches before sensitive info can be exposed to the outside;
  • Advanced DNS, HTTP and HTTPS filtering for all your endpoints;
  • Protection against data leakage, APTs, ransomware and exploits;
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Startinfrom January 2019, Heimdal Security’s Heimdal™ Threat Prevention is offered free of charge to the bank’s Business Banking customersproviding customers with a new, next-gen type of protection against cybercrime. All Bankline business users can now use Heimdal™ Threat Prevention on up to 10 devices. This security software offers continuous, proactive protection against ransomware, malware and other advanced cyber threats.  

In today’s threatscape and with the financial malware attacks deployed globally, it is also encouraging to see the major providers constantly adapting to provide true protection for their customers.,” said Morten Kjaersgaard, Heimdal Security CEO. 

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention’s traffic-scanning feature powered by machine learning is uniquely equipped to handle financial malware and other critical threats to the financial security of users, which is why RBS has started recommending it to its customers.  Embedded in Heimdal™ Threat Prevention are Darklayer GUARD™, a threat communication filtering mechanism, and VectorN Detection™, the key advancement powered by machine learning for adaptive protection against 2nd generation malware.  Through this combination, Heimdal™ Threat Prevention offers banking Trojan infection prevention and mitigation of MITB attacks, ransomware, and phishing.   Layering on top of any existing reactive solution chosen by the user, such as a standard Antivirus, Heimdal™ Threat Prevention not only adds a powerful security shield against financial malware and credential theft but also allows the user to automatically update the rest of their software catalog, eliminating the vulnerabilities of outdated software that are commonly targeted by malicious actors. 

About us: Founded in 2011 in Denmark by Defcon CTF hacking champions, Heimdal Security is the combined expertise of dozens of European security experts. With offices in Denmark, the UK, and Romania, Heimdal Security’s next-gen security solutions protect more than 5,000 organizations across the world. Our security alerts about emerging threats effectively provide intelligence to top press outlets around the globe.

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Thank you for sharing this information.
can you provide it in india.
or have you any office or branch in indina.

Hello, Sachin! Thanks for reaching out! We have a partner for the Indian market, Panzer IT (https://panzerit.com/contact/), so, yes, we do provide IT services in that specific area.

Very attractive security suite. Would you also create alongside Thor premium also a virtual private netwrk to protect our privacy on internet? Any client would benefit from both pc protection and internet protection. Looking forward for your feedback.
Sincerely, Jorg

Miriam Cihodariu on March 25, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Hi Jorg,

This is something in the crosshairs for our dev team, but we have no definite news to share right now. I agree that it would be great to have this type of service included. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing feedback, fingers crossed!

Interesting article and took a ride on the THOR bandwagon when I learned of their CSA 2018 award. I’ve now been running THOR Premium alongside COMODO complete for a couple of months and like the combination of protection. Have to say that DARKLAYER catches what most others don’t, the suite plays well with others and customer service has been exceptional even with time differences between the large ponds.

When can you offer a combination of pc and iPhone-security in stead of 3 pc , it would bee better f.ex. one pc and one phone, security .
Kind regards
Karen S.Pedersen.

Miriam Cihodariu on March 22, 2019 at 9:50 am

Hi Karen,

Our developers are actually working on this and it should be available soon:). Thanks for stopping by.
Best, Miriam.

This sounds very good.
But how do we get it?
Have had no info from my bank on this so far.

Miriam Cihodariu on March 22, 2019 at 9:53 am

Hi Phil,

I created a ticket for you in our support system and you should hear from my colleagues soon.


I responded to your offer as soon as the arrangement with RBS/NatWest was announced. How can I check whether my system is fully protected by Heimdal security?

Miriam Cihodariu on March 21, 2019 at 4:09 pm

Hi Tony,

I’m Miriam from the Heimdal blog team. I forwarded your question to support@heimdalsecurity.com and you should hear back from them soon. Thank you for getting in touch and have a great day!

This sounds very good.
But how do we get it?
Have had no info from my bank on this so far.

Miriam Cihodariu on March 21, 2019 at 4:16 pm

Hi James,

I forwarded your question to support@heimdalsecurity.com as well. They should be in touch with you soon. Thank you for stopping by, I’m sure you’ll gain access very soon!

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