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We’re excited to announce our latest venture, a strategic partnership with DACTA that promises to strengthen cybersecurity defenses across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

This collaboration is a testament to Heimdal’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity and extending our innovative solutions to new markets, with DACTA’s unparalleled regional expertise leading the charge.

The synergy between Heimdal’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies and DACTA’s established market presence is a game-changer.

Together, we’re set to cater to the growing demand for advanced digital protection services in APAC, making our suite of AI-powered cybersecurity products more accessible to businesses and government agencies alike.

What this means for cybersecurity in APAC

Our goal goes beyond enhancing operational efficiencies and security effectiveness. We aim to equip organizations with the necessary tools to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Through DACTA’s solid distribution network, Heimdal’s cybersecurity solutions will now reach further than ever before, ensuring that businesses across APAC can enjoy world-class protection.

But our ambitions don’t stop here. Both Heimdal and DACTA are committed to fostering a culture of innovation.

This collaboration marks the start of an exciting journey to discover new cybersecurity strategies and technologies that have the potential to redefine security paradigms in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

A united front against cyber threats

Dr. Benjamin Xie, CEO of DACTA, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership:

Our collaboration with Heimdal marks a strategic step towards enhancing cybersecurity resilience in the APAC region.

We are excited to bring Heimdal’s world-class solutions to our markets and look forward to exploring further avenues for innovation and growth together.

Echoing this sentiment, Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO of Heimdal, highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership:

This partnership with DACTA represents an important opportunity for Heimdal to expand its global footprint.

We are confident that DACTA’s expertise in the APAC market will be instrumental in bringing our advanced cybersecurity solutions to a wider audience.

Heimdal’s integrated approach has already received recognition, with prestigious awards including ‘AI and Machine Learning-Based Security Solution of the Year’ at the Computing Security Awards 2023 and ‘Cloud-Based Solution of the Year’ at the Network Computing Awards 2023.

Join us on our mission

As we embark on this partnership with DACTA, we also extend an invitation to join Heimdal® Partner NEXUS, our latest initiative aimed at promoting cybersecurity excellence and unity worldwide.

At Heimdal, we believe in empowering CISOs, Security Teams, and IT admins with a seamless command and control platform that spans the entire IT estate.

Our award-winning lineup of integrated cybersecurity solutions is designed to tackle challenges at every level, from endpoint to network, embodying our commitment to proactive defense against a wide range of cyber threats.

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