Thanks to you and your continuous support, our cybersecurity solutions were nominated and chosen as finalists for the Computing Security Awards 2019 edition! Among other nominees of great renown, we are proud and excited to be chosen among the people who make online security easier to achieve.

We have been deemed finalists in three different award categories:

  • Anti-Malware Solution of the Year, with Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM​;
  • Network Security Solution of the Year, with Heimdal™ Threat Prevention;
  • Anti-Ransomware / Anti-Ddos Solution of the Year, with Heimdal™ Threat Prevention;

We want to thank you for your support so far and for walking along with us on this exciting journey. Each time you used one of our cybersecurity solutions or read and shared our blog stories or studies, you helped bring us one step closer to where we are today. Vote for us If you want to support us further, please vote for us on each of the categories where we are finalists in. Just click on the ‘Vote for Us!’ button above and you’ll be taken to the Computing Security Awards 2019 portal.

The voting closes on October 8th, so please cast your votes until then. 

After entering your details, you can vote for your favorite solution in each of the categories featured. By following the link above, our products will be automatically selected, but you can change your options, of course, should you wish. We hope not, though! 🙂 After you select your favorites for each award category (scroll down to see the rest), don’t forget to click the ‘Submit’ button. Only then will your answers be recorded.

screenshot of voting process in computing security awards 2019

Don’t forget to click the ‘Submit’ button after voting your faves in each category.

Thank you, everyone, again and fingers crossed! Vote for us In any case, we are excited and grateful to have made it this far. Being the finalists in this competition overjoys us, and it encourages everyone on our team to keep trying our best.



Thanks! 🙂

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