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Copenhagen, November 2nd, 2021: Heimdal™ Security and Techni Team are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Heimdal™’s industry-leading cybersecurity services with Techni Team’s next-gen ICT services in primary care and SMEs.

With this cooperation, Heimdal™ is strengthening its global position in the field of Cyber System Protection.

The Road to Excellence

Over the past 5 years, Techni Team has experienced significant growth and has therefore reached a volume level that enables robust security solutions. In addition, the company has decided to focus more on security services in an attempt to contribute to the IT security of Dutch SMEs, by providing best-in-class security services and tools to smaller ICT vendors.

Therefore, Techni Team was looking for an ambitious security vendor with a solid and robust portfolio that appealed to modern standards.

“Our previous solution for Patch Management appeared to be unreliable when it came to endpoint patching. In addition, they only had very expensive solutions for EPDR”, said Techni Team CEO Edwin van Vulpen.

After thorough investigation and research, the company concluded that Heimdal™ offers excellent functionality and premium solutions for EDR, PAM, and Patch and Asset Management.

The collaboration with Techni Team is a great example of need-driven innovation and creative distribution. I strongly believe this partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the further expansion of our “footprint” in the European market.Morten Kjaersgaard, Heimdal™ CEO

With this partnership, Techni Team fulfills its ambition to offer a complete set of Cybersecurity solutions to SMEs and their supporting ICT service providers. The collaboration with Heimdal™ is an important step in improving the defense line of IT systems. SMEs and their IT service providers can now purchase Heimdal™’s solution from Techni Team as a specific EPDR solution or as part of a broader package of Cybersecurity solutions, such as IT Security Assessment, MFA, Data auditing, and Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

We are currently in the process of enrolling Heimdal to our installed base – comprising of approx. 450 servers. Following the press release on the Heimdal and Techni Team Collaboration, we will start a marketing campaign on EPDR, PAM, and Patch management, addressing the severe concerns in the market about the insecurity of many SMEs, due to poor IT-infrastructure security tooling and security measures.Edwin van Vulpen, Techni Team CEO

What the Future Holds

Techni Team will implement this EPDR solution at its current customers and offer it to SMEs and ICT companies. For Heimdal™, as a dominant player in the Nordics, this is an important step in strengthening its position in the Dutch market for Cybersecurity solutions.

“Heimdal™’s EPDR solution is a huge step forward in protecting our systems and those of our future customers. Due to the unique collaboration on both a commercial and technical level with Heimdal™, we bring maximum protection to SMEs at controlled costs”, van Vulpen added.

The partnership between Techni Team and Heimdal™ aims to provide accelerated response to the growing concerns about the Dutch SMEs’ systems security. This unique joint effort makes “high-end” solutions affordable and accessible to all SMEs. Thanks to this collaboration, Techni Team is able to offer this solution with an attractive business model for ICT support staff. Some of the Techni Team customers’ systems have already been equipped with the Heimdal™ solution and a further rollout is planned for the coming months.

This collaboration illustrates a Strategic Partnership where business and technical excellence come together. Heimdal™ Security and Techni Team’s business models are well unified and integrated and this allows them both to provide high-quality and robust security services, in line with today’s expectations.

About Techni Team

Techni Team has been active for more than 15 years as an ICT service provider in primary care and SMEs. Techni Team has developed a data center in the Netherlands for its customers, which offers an optimal guarantee for safety, convenience, and reliability. Techni Team aims to unburden its customers, including general practitioners, pharmacies, and SMEs in the field of safe workplaces, internet connections, telephony, and cybersecurity services so that they can focus on caring for their patients and customers. Techni Team works in accordance with its information security policy. Techni Team’s ISMS is certified for NEN7510-1:2017 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

About Heimdal™ Security

Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Heimdal™ is a leading European provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. The company offers a multi-layered security suite that combines threat prevention, patch and asset management, endpoint rights management, and antivirus and mail security which together secure customers against cyberattacks and keep critical information and intellectual property safe. Heimdal™ has been recognized as a thought leader in the industry and has won multiple international awards both for its solutions and for its educational content creation.

Currently, Heimdal™’s cybersecurity solutions are deployed in more than 45 countries and supported regionally from offices in 15+ countries, by 175+ highly qualified specialists. Heimdal™ is ISAE 3000 certified and secures more than 2 million endpoints for over 10,000 companies. Heimdal™ supports its partners without concessions on the basis of predictability and scalability. The common goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem and a strategic partnership.

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