Thank you!

To all of you who ever invested time in reading our articles.

To all of those who commented, shared and ever dropped an email to suggest how we can do things better.

To all the experts who kindly shared their time and expertise with everyone else in our expert roundups.

To all the security researchers and people in the industry who strive to make the web a safer place.

Thank you all! We’ve learnt from you, been inspired and motivated by you. And now we want to make you proud.

We’re thrilled to share that the Heimdal Security blog is among the finalists for this year’s European Security Blogger Awards!


We’re nominated in 3 categories that make us feel grateful and excited:


  • Best Corporate Security Blog
  • Best European Corporate Security Blog
  • Most Educational Blog


vote for the heimdal security blog
The European Security Blogger Awards 2016 are part of InfoSecurity Europe, a lively and inspiring event held in London each year. This time it will happen between June 7 and June 9, reuniting not only some of our favorite security bloggers, but also thousands of other security professionals and aficionados. I can already feel the energy!

We read many of the blogs, experts and Twitter accounts nominated for the awards to learn and we know it takes a lot of effort to put together good research. It takes knowledge and skill to write articles that any Internet user can understand and apply for their online protection. So we’d like to salute their work and keep our fingers crossed so that the best may go home with well-deserved award.

Our work has only begun, as our blog is only 2 years old, so we have many exciting things planned. As always, they’re all for you: free educational resources that can help you use and enjoy the web a lot more safely.

For us, cyber security education is key to unlocking a safer future, one where we can use our energy to build things and not waste it worrying about cyber threats. If you want to build this version of the future with us, you can start with something as simple as a vote.


>>> Vote for the Heimdal Security blog <<<


The voting will close two weeks from now, on June 3rd 2016
, so if you’ve ever enjoyed one of our articles, we’d really appreciate your support.

Thank you!


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