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The DuckDuckGo apps and extensions are blocking Google Sign-in pop-ups, removing what it perceives as an annoyance and a privacy risk.

DuckDuckGo offers a privacy-focused search engine, an email service, mobile apps, and data-protecting browser extensions. A standalone web browser is currently in beta and only available on macOS.

Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge apps and extensions will now actively block Google sign-in prompts displayed on websites.

Users can quickly sign in to new platforms with their Google account using this single sign-on option on Google websites.

Rather than having to create new accounts and manage multiple passwords on various websites, users can sign in with Google when it is available. This practice allows Google to track the websites and apps users sign into.

Despite Google’s explicit statement that “Data from Sign In With Google is not used for ads or other non-security purposes,” DuckDuckGo believes Google still collects data.

On investing.com, many requests are made to https://securepubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ads?, DuckDuckGo explained to BleepingComputer.

This includes the full page URL in the request parameters. In testing, the DSID cookie sent with these requests has a value of NO_DATA if we aren’t signed into the website with Google.” The DSID cookie sent with these requests has a long hexadecimal value if we’re signed into the website with Google.

The attached image shows this – on the left, we’re signed in with Google; on the right, we’re not.”


Seeing these as privacy risks, DuckDuckGo has taken the rather aggressive approach of blocking Google sign-in prompts, never allowing users to accept Google’s offer.

In DuckDuckGo for macOS, the Google blocker is built into “Protection,” It can’t be disabled unless you disable all privacy features.


While DuckDuckGo made this change to block alleged privacy threats, it will likely cause issues for people who use Google sign-in on websites.

Users must register a new local account at the site or disable DuckDuckGo’s privacy-protection features.

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