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After a few days of dealing with technical issues, the American all-digital wireless carrier Visible confirmed that some of its customers’ accounts have been compromised.

For those who don’t know, Visible is a Verizon-owned digital carrier operating on the telecommunication corporation’s network that became highly popular as its prices are low and the plans are unlimited.

A few days ago, an employee announced on the company’s official sub-reddit that Visible is investigating an incident that resulted in the compromise of a small number of accounts belonging to its customers.

We’re currently investigating an incident where information on a small number of member accounts was changed without their authorization. We’re working hard to take protective steps to secure these accounts…You should review any other accounts that share the same email, login, or password, and make any changes you determine necessary to secure those accounts.


Even if that’s all the organization had to say about the hack, the Visible employee urged users to secure their accounts using credentials that they also used for other online services, insinuating a possible credential stuffing threat.

All the impacted customers said they couldn’t access their accounts to reset their passwords. Some of them claimed they have observed unusual activity on their accounts, while others reported fraudulent credit card transactions.

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Was There a Data Breach?

Users also face a privacy breach because account dashboards include confidential information such as names, physical addresses, and banking details.

The bad news is that once a payment method is added to the account, it can’t be deleted unless a new one is added, checked, and selected as primary.

Visible declared that it doesn’t think that any of their systems have been breached or compromised by cybercriminals.

Yesterday, the company sent the following message:

Members trying to reach us – we’re currently experiencing technical issues with our chat platform and are unable to make any changes to your account. We’re addressing this issue immediately. Please bear with us while our team rectifies the situation.

The announcement above shows that whatever is afflicting Visible’s services seems to be persistent and in progress.

Recommendations for Impacted Customers

In order to stay protected, customers are advised by the company to review their account’s contact information and change their password and security questions to their Visible account.

They also recommend users to take another look at any other accounts that use the same email address, login, or password and make any changes required to protect those accounts.

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