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VectorN Detection
Protecting your endpoints against today's cyber threats is no easy feat. Many of them didn't even exist a few years ago. Some didn't even exist yesterday.
That's why we built Heimdal CORP: to meet the challenges of 2nd generation malware like ransomware, banking Trojans and exploit kits.
We make it possible for you to manage your endpoints' security faster, simpler and more effectively.
Heimdal Security VectorN Detection

View your security from a different angle

Our goal is to help you fill the gap left by deficient reactive solutions. Heimdal CORP ensures proactive protection against malware independently of system processes.

Your security is provided by a thorough analysis of all HTTP, HTTPS and DNS traffic on each of your endpoints. As a result, Heimdal detects malware in ways that no other endpoint protection can.

This is what VectorN Detection is all about.

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Full focus on prevention

Heimdal CORP works proactively to detect threats such as APTs, ransomware strains, botnet recruitment, Trojans and more. It also blocks them until they are removed, to keep your data safe. This way, your endpoints are protected before, during and after the attack.

What's more, Heimdal discovers even hidden, 2nd generation malware that bypass other endpoint solutions. And it's effective against known and unknown threats, such as Zero-Hour malware.

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