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Discover Our Unique Two-Way Traffic-Filtering Technology

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Why does your organization need DNS and DoH filtering?

Cyber threats like phishing, exploit kits, zero-days, and Man-in-the-Middle attacks have become unavoidable for organizations of all sizes. Nowadays, it’s only a matter of when, not if your business will be targeted.

As the attack techniques employed by malicious hackers are evolving, our security countermeasures must also keep up. It’s already widely known that standard solutions like traditional Antivirus and Firewalls are failing in terms of effectiveness against next-gen attacks and threats.

Is your organization able to stand against any of these cyber dangers? And most importantly, does it prevent and block them? Or does it react to them only after your business has been compromised?

This is where our Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection come into play, providing you with DNS and DoH filterig to hunt, prevent, detect, and block threats that signature-based solutions do not see.

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Our DNS security solution is essential for business safety, and the best on the market.

The key advantage of using Darklayer GUARD™ is the significantly faster response time and lower operating system footprint.

Either keep your Perimeter or Remote Endpoints secured at the DNS-level with DarkLayer GUARD™.

Or why not both?

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DarkLayer Guard™ for Your Perimeter

Stop threats at the Perimeter-level with our Network Prevention, Detection, and Response tool and experience complete DNS protection and blocking.

Spot even hidden threats using AI and log all your network traffic.

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DarkLayer Guard™ for Your Endpoints

Hunt, prevent, detect, and block threats at the Endpoint-level with the most advanced DNS filtering tool using next-gen traffic telemetry.

Detect DNS hijacking and stop exploits, ransomware, data leaks, and more.

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Both DarkLayer™ Guard and VectorN Detection™ work across-the-board on any Windows device and
do not rely on code scanning or auditing system processes to detect and block malware.

Perimeter DNS Security

Add threat prevention, detection, and blocking to your network with Darklayer Guard™. Our revolutionary technology greatly enhances your ability to Hunt and Detect APTs, Data Leaks, Ransomware and Network malware. It delivers a complete DNS protection, passive modes and full network logging.

Also powered by the VectorN Detection™ module, our product uses Machine Learning on device-to-infrastructure communication to spot...

attacks that Firewalls can’t see, providing you with a strong HIPS/HIDS and IOA/IOC add-on to your network.

Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ are based upon technologies that detect and block data leakages through DNS and don’t require any security solutions installed on your endpoints. This aspect is of vital importance when malicious actors are trying to engage in traffic sniffing attacks, or your employees connect their own and potentially compromised devices to your network.

The Darklayer GUARD™ capabilities can be highly enhanced with its endpoint counterpart.

DNS Security for Endpoints

The endpoint version of DarkLayer Guard™ enables you to hunt, prevent, detect and block threats using the most advanced endpoint traffic-filtering technology. Due to its unique Threat to Process Correlation (TTPC) feature, you gain the ability to identify users and processes at risk and proactively hunt for network-based threats.

As it works in tandem with VectorN Detection™, you are also supplied with powerful HIPS/HIDS and IOA/IOC capabilities by using Machine Learning...

algorithms to detect yet unknown threats that are not picked up by antiquated cybersecurity solutions. Darklayer GUARD™ also offers you the possibility to limit access to certain web categories.

With these cutting-edge technologies deployed, even if your employees are using their devices to connect to open, unsecured Wi-Fi systems, all of your confidential data will be safe with DarkLayer GUARD™.

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DNS Security ensures compliance with current data regulations.

“In 2019 it was found that 82% of companies were victims of DNS attacks.”

- Global DNS Threat Report
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New IT security and data protection regulations require businesses worldwide to employ the best practices for keeping the data they are handling secure.

But most organizations still rely solely on old Antivirus and Firewalls, which fail to provide adequate protection on their own.

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When malicious actors are generating hundreds of malware variants per hour, focusing on files in detection efforts is ineffective.

Content filtering solutions don’t deliver the protection you need, which is why DNS filtering is the only solution that can keep your data well protected and thus compliant.

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When you’re busy responding to an attack, the last thing you need is additional fines caused by undue protective measures against data breaches.

Cover up your cybersecurity gaps today with DNS filtering and also take care of your compliance.

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Benefits of our innovative DNS-based protection

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View your protection from a more secure angle with DNS Security

Upgrade your protection to the upper tier of multi-layered security with DNS filtering.

DarkLayer GUARD™ works alongside VectorN Detection™ to enhance the DNS traffic-filtering process with Machine Learning-based behavioral analysis and detection.

As part of the Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Endpoint endpoint cybersecurity suite, but also of Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network, our Network Intrusion Prevention System, they enable all of your layers of protection to work together and improve your defenses against the latest types of complex cyber threat.

You can now stay safe from advanced persistent attacks, DNS attacks, botnets and more, while also becoming compliant with the latest IT and data security requirements.

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The power lies in the Machine Learning-driven intelligence

Both versions of DarkLayer Guard™ have been built with the same purpose: to go beyond flawless DNS filtering. We’ve achieved this state by also leveraging the intelligence offered by the VectorN Detection™ engine, which analyzes traffic and behavioral patterns using machine-learning algorithms specifically trained for threat hunting.

Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ work in synergy to detect and neutralize advanced persistent threats that would bypass traditional Firewall or Antivirus solutions.

Silent and proactive, they won’t slow down your traffic or web loading speed. With all DNS vulnerabilities covered, you’ll now be ready to focus on other work responsibilities.

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Unified Dashboard

The centralized Heimdal™ Security Dashboard will accomplish what was previously thought impossible:
turn reports into something beautiful and easy to understand.

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DNS security at the Perimeter and Endpoint-level

Keep watch over all potential sources of attack.

Spot and block malware that attempts to infiltrate your perimeter and your remote employees’ devices.

Network Prevention, Detection and Response

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network packs Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ and enables you to:

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network Logo
  • Prevent, Detect and Block network-based threats.
  • Prevent Command & Control server connections and data leakages.
  • Log network traffic.
  • Track history of known and unknown threats.
  • Hunt for network APTs and network malware.
  • Detect hidden threats using VectorN Detection™’s Machine Learning.
  • Add Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) and (HIDS) to your perimeter.
  • Use custom block pages and allow / block lists.

Endpoint traffic threat hunting tool

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Endpoint packs Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ and allows you to:

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Endpoint Logo
  • Spot hidden threats using VectorN Detection™’s Machine Learning.
  • Add Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) and (HIDS) to your systems.
  • Detect DNS-hijacking.
  • Enjoy full DNS Protection against malware.
  • Prevent Exploits, Ransomware and Data Leakage at DNS level.
  • Hunt, detect, and respond to threats faster using our TTPC Technology.
  • Limit access to specific web-categories.
  • Remove network latency using our global database.
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