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Automated Patch Management

Get in control of your software management and strengthen your security.

Anytime and anywhere in the world.

The ultimate endpoint solution for the remote workforce.

Why does your organization need automated

Outdated software is the most common attack vector.

Shield Image Achieve compliance, mitigate exploits,
close vulnerabilities, and install software
Shield Image Automate your vulnerability management
and software patching and allow a granular
control over your software environment.
Shield Image Free your internal resources and let them
focus on other tasks.
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Infinity Management

With the Infinity Management module your Administrators will also gain the unique ability to deploy custom,
in-house software and patches that are not available in our X-Ploit Resilience catalogue.

Asset Management and Vulnerability Mitigation at your fingertips.

Why Choose
X-Ploit Resilience and Infinity Management?

Checkmark Image See any software assets in your inventory,
alongside the version and number
of installs.
Checkmark Image Create inventory reports for accurate
assessments and compliance
Checkmark Image Deploy custom software to your
endpoints anywhere in the world with
Infinity Management.
Checkmark Image Update or downgrade software
and operating systems.
Checkmark Image Allow users to install software
on their own.
Checkmark Image Schedule updates at your

Experience the complete capabilities of X-Ploit Resilience and Infinity Management.

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How X-ploit Resilience helps you
mitigate vulnerabilities:

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Customize and
deploy fast

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Achieve Compliance

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Ensures your endpoints are always up to date and provides in-depth vulnerability reports and historic data to help you maintain compliance.

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Close vulnerabilities

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Reduces up to 85% of targeted attacks and mitigates exploits through consistent patching.

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Automatic, silent patching

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Ensures fully encrypted, automatic patch deployment and software installation featuring zero user interruption.

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Customize and deploy fast

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Enjoy fully customizable deploy times and enable patching delays on all your endpoints to fit your specific requirements.

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Save time and resources

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Free up time for more important task by automating vulnerability management and empowering users to install new apps without requiring admin rights.

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Maintain security standards

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Manage software installation, removal and patching remotely. X-ploit Resilience works anywhere in the world!

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Helping you make patching and vulnerability management cost-effective and time-efficient is our goal!
X-ploit Resilience enables you to cover the gaps in your security while demonstrating compliance for software and security audits.

Unified Threat Dashboard

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Easy policy creation and deployment

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Define policies for software management and automated patching and installation. Schedule updates with our Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD). Blacklist applications per active directory group of your environment.

This gives you a powerful option to tailor your entire IT environment. You can create policies which meet your exact needs across the Active Directory groups within your organization. Once configured, the deployment is easy and simple.

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Powerful vulnerability overview
and intelligence

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Gain an extensive vulnerability intelligence on your patched software and the current liabilities in your environment. This enables you to assess the need to intervene on certain endpoints if a risk persists for too long.

Our patching and reporting works anywhere in the world. Extensive lifetime history reporting is available through exporting to Excel spreadsheets.

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The fastest and easiest exploit mitigation
you´ll ever get.

The X-ploit Resilience technology, embedded in Thor Foresight Enterprise, helps you close vulnerabilities, achieve compliance,
and add unique threat prevention to stop ransomware, APTs, data leaks, exploits, and so much more.

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