9 out of 10 attacks on organizational systems can be stopped at the network level.

The ultimate endpoint solution for the remote workforce

That's why you need DarkLayer GUARD, the no 1 DNS filtering solution on the market

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Why does your organization need DNS filtering?

Phishing attacks, exploit kits, zero-day attacks, and man in the middle attacks have all become an inevitable part of business life.

But as the methods of hackers are progressing, so must our security technologies. That’s why our Darklayer GUARD works to keep you safe where traditional AV and
firewall solutions fail, providing DNS traffic filtering at endpoint level.

So why is our DNS traffic filtering solution,
Darklayer GUARD, essential and the best on the market?

We uniquely combine cloud and local DNS filtering at endpoint level, leading to significantly faster response times and a significantly lower operating system footprint.

Smart threat hunting and fast response times ensure your endpoints are protected beyond what anti-virus and firewall solutions can do. Dark Layer Guard Image
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Firstly, unlike an AV solution, Darklayer GUARD doesn’t look at files, but at the infrastructure used by attackers.

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Let’s say that hackers are constantly attempting to deliver packages into your system; these packages are all malware meant to cause financial or data loss etc. Standard AV solutions scan each file against a list of known threats.

We use AI to look at the ‘trucks’ delivering those ‘packages’, namely at the infrastructures. A hacker can develop hundreds of slightly different versions of malware in a matter of hours.

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Secondly, our Darklayer GUARD DNS traffic filtering solution leverages the intelligence offered by the VectorN Detection engine.

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That means its potency goes beyond flawless DNS: VectorN Detection™ analyzes traffic patterns and behavioral patterns, with machine-learning algorithms for threat hunting.

Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ work in synergy to detect and neutralize advanced persistent threats that would otherwise go.

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How DNS filtering is mandatory for compliance
to current regulations

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Data Protection

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New IT security and data protection regulations require businesses worldwide to employ the best practices for keeping data secure.

But most organizations still rely solely on antivirus and firewall apps, which fail to provide adequate protection by themselves, in today’s increasingly intelligent threatscape.

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DNS Traffic

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When malicious actors can generate hundreds of malware variants per hour, focusing on files in detection efforts is ineffective.

Content filtering plugins can’t deliver the protection needed anymore, which is why DNS traffic filtering is the only type of solution which can keep your data well protected and thus compliant.

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Cover up your
cybersecurity gaps

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According to an EfficientIP study, 77% of businesses worldwide were targeted by at least one DNS-level attack in 2018.

The number is likely to increase in 2019. When you’re busy responding to an attack, the last thing you need is also a fine caused by undue protective measures against data breaches. Cover up your cybersecurity gaps today with DNS filtering and compliance is also taken care of.

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View your security from a different angle

Upgrade your protection to the upper tier of multi-layered security with DNS filtering

DarkLayer GUARD works together with the VectorN Detection™ engine to enhance the DNS traffic filtering with machine learning-based behavioral analysis and detection. As part of the Thor Enterprise Premium cybersecurity suite, all layers of your protection will work together to improve your defenses against the latest type of complex threats. Stay safe from advanced persistent attacks, DNS attacks, botnets and more, while also ensuring compliance with current regulations

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Tried and tested

See why our users love Thor Enterprise products


Rating Stars Based on 514 reviews Trust Pilot Logo

“We can easily see how many security gaps Heimdal addresses and
also easily see how it helps us keep attackers out”

Heimdal offers a different approach to endpoint security and gives us a fantastic addition to our antivirus product.
The patch management is great, the traffic blocking is straightforward and we have to consider risks from all angles and cover as much as possible.
Thor Foresight is great at doing just that. I would definitely recommend Thor Foresight to everyone.

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“Heimdal continuously evolves the product in terms of threat protection,
detection, and uptime management”

In terms of attack mitigation, the filtering service built into Thor Foresight has also proven its value time and again, helping us prevent Ransomware attacks,
Trojans, and botnets on our network. Overall the protection added is of good value to us and we are able to measure this value in the dashboard.

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“Thor Foresight is a simple and fast way to improve our core security and
it helps us prevent attacks before they even happen”

"Where we see Thor Foresight add clear value is in the fact that it is proactive: The automatic update system works on the fly and without any reboots and catches updates faster than any other system we have seen."

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Thor Foresight Enterprise – DarkLayer GUARD

Traffic filtering on
DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS levels

Threat to Process Correlation
to pinpoint vulnerable processes

100% compatible with any
security setup

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Web traffic filtering (limited)

Based on access control criteria

Works only in the perimeter


Enhanced privacy and connectivity performance

Ensures compliance with AD policy

Works only in the perimeter


Privacy protection

Secure access for remote

Works anywhere in the world


File and signature-based malware

Reactive cyber security

Works anywhere in the world

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Compatibility: DarkLayer GUARD works across-the-board on any Windows™ device.

Code Autonomous Protection: Thor Foresight Enterprise does not rely on code scanning or auditing system processes to detect and block malware.