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Even the mighty can fall:

Windows Defender and Microsoft SmartScreen
can now be sabotaged from within.


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Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

Cyber security education is key for unlocking a safer future. As a team, this is our core belief.

This is also why we build educational assets that are free for anyone to read and apply, no matter the background and skill level. We believe that shared experience and knowledge can help all of us expand our own know-how.

The more you know, the safer you will be online!

The Heimdal Security blog
Our award-winning cyber security blog keeps you up to date on breakthrough security alerts and paves the way to safer digital lives with actionable how-to guides and articles.
Cyber Security for Beginners (course)
Turn your inbox into a classroom with this self-paced course designed for everyone and anyone.
The Daily Security Tip
From our inbox to yours: 365-security to last you for an entire year, dropped at a rate of 1 tip/day!
The Ultimate Windows 10 Security Guide
All the pointers you need to adjust and tweak your Windows 10 settings in order to boost your cyber security and privacy.
The Cyber Security Glossary
Decode all that tech talk in cyber security articles so that it makes sense to you. Includes links to in-depth resources!
Cyber Security for Small Business Owners (course)
Master the basics of cyber security to protect your small business and your client's data. All in 24 step-by-step lessons!