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Threat-hunting & Action Center

Leverage the Power of Unity in a Single Platform.

Experience Threat Hunting Like Never Before

A single platform to manage alerts, data, and security responses - in a real-time single pane of glass with context & assisted actioning at every level.


Heimdal Threat-hunting & Action Center

The Heimdal Threat-hunting and Action Center is a revolutionary platform that is powered by our advanced XTP engine and fully integrated with the award-winning Heimdal suite.

It provides security teams with an advanced threat and risk-centric view of their entire IT landscape, offering granular telemetry across endpoints and networks for swift decision-making.

Furthermore, the platform is equipped with built-in hunting and action capabilities, which can be easily managed from a single, unified interface straight out of the box.


Real-time enhanced visibility across your entire digital landscape.


Harness the power of intelligent insights to neutralize adversaries.


Respond to threat with confidence with the instant action center.

Key Features

In the world of SecOps, context is everything

Our platform brings a re-imagined SecOps toolkit under one roof.



Stay vigilant and eliminate the possibility of threats slipping past undetected

Arm security teams with pre-computed risk scores, indicators, and detailed attack analysis, with a multitude of investigative and insightful views to jump straight into action. Reduce alert fatigue and noise to fuel efficiency in security operations.



Swiftly zone in on threats using built-in knowledge base and forensics analytics

Our platform’s threat-centric design allows SecOps and IT admins to detect and track anomalous behavior and malicious activity at a device level, complete with associated risk scores and forensic analysis detailing using the infinite detection powers of our XTP engine and the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

patch asset management


Stay resilient and protected while proactively remediating threats with ready-made commands.

The Action Center enables security teams to make quick decisions on the fly with the ability to run and execute commands, such as scanning, quarantine, and isolation with a single click, while further investigating incidents or threats with detailed information


The stakes are high for teams

We empower security leaders, professionals, and providers at all levels.


For SecOps & IT Professionals

  • A single pane of glass for intelligence, hunting, and response.
  • Real-time view of the digital landscape.
  • Eliminate alert fatigue & manual investigations.
  • One-click remediation with the action center.
patch asset management

For Security Leaders

  • Bring security health to the boardroom with one dashboard.
  • Pre-compute risk and critical events and prioritize them out of the box.
  • Address security and skills gaps with no minimal training.
  • Minimize organizational risk and maintain compliance.

For Managed Security Providers

  • Single-platform, real-time view of all customers in a single console.
  • Manage more customers globally without any drain on efficiency or resources.
  • Pre-scored indicators of priority by customer to guide SecOps teams investigate without false positives.
  • Protect and resolve issues for at-risk customers without delay using actionable controls.

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Empower your cybersecurity defenses with Heimdal's cutting-edge Threat-Hunting and Action Center - Unleash relentless vigilance to stay ahead of cyber threats.



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Awards and Achievements

Teis Awards 2024 Best Vulnerability Management Solution Runner Up Heimdal Security
Computing Security Excellence Awards 2023 - Risk Management Award Winner
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Sourceforge Top Performer Logo

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