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Effortlessly Resolve Endpoint Issues with Seamless Remote Access

Unlock a new level of productivity with Heimdal’s Remote Desktop solution. Whether you’re a hybrid enterprise, an IT professional, or an MSP, our advanced technology is designed to streamline your remote access needs. Bid farewell to cumbersome setups and say hello to effortless connectivity.

Explore how our Remote Desktop solution works from the Heimdal XDR -Unified Security Platform.

Group Policy Overview

Agent-to-agent Connection

Dashboard-to-agent Connection

Dashboard-to-no-agent Connection

Key Benefits

Experience the unified power of remote access and revolutionize the way you resolve endpoint issues

Empower yourself as an IT professional, a help desk technician, or a system administrator, and seize control of your productivity. Elevate your enterprise’s security measures and unlock unparalleled flexibility to adapt to any working situation or global environment.


Our Remote Desktop solution empowers you to troubleshoot users with maximum flexibility. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or in a different time zone, you can provide user support anytime, anywhere and on any endpoint, regardless of the Operating System.


Our Remote Desktop solution utilizes state-of-the-art encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms to ensure that only your authorized administrators gain access to your remote sessions or collaborations. We provide a complete audit trail to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Our Remote Desktop solution enables you to effortlessly collaborate, share resources, and troubleshoot as if they were in the same office, in real-time. Bridge the distance and foster productivity with a solution designed to enhance the end-user experience, regardless of your users’ location.

Key Features

Empower Productivity with Heimdal’s Secure
Remote Desktop Solution

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Seamless and

Effortlessly connect with your end users using Heimdal’s remote access software. Experience seamless agent-to-agent, dashboard-to-agent, and dashboard-to-no-agent (3rd party) communication options. As an IT professional or service provider, support employees, clients, and customers remotely directly from your Heimdal dashboard, without the need for additional tools. Enjoy boundaryless collaboration with Heimdal today.

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Secured and Unified Remote Troubleshooting

Our solution ensures top-notch protection for all session types, whether attended or unattended. Benefit from market-leading features like double encryption using RSA 2048/4096 and AES-256, along with robust authentication protocols. For enhanced security and granular control, seamlessly integrate Heimdal’s Privileged Access Management solution and endpoint security tools. Troubleshoot with confidence, knowing your remote sessions are secure and your troubleshooting process is unified.

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Universal Connectivity Across Devices and Operating Systems

Connect effortlessly to any device and operating system, including Microsoft, Windows Server, Google, Android, MacOS, or iOS, with the Heimdal Remote Desktop solution. Our innovative solution revolutionizes remote access and control, leveraging a proprietary inter-device data transmission engine that seamlessly bridges the communication gap imposed by native operating systems.

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Streamlined, Flexible, and Accessible Remote Support

With Heimdal Remote Desktop, you can provide remote support to your employees or customers effortlessly, eliminating the need for proprietary remote access tools or extra remote desktop licenses. Experience the freedom of unlimited remote sessions without any additional licensing requirements.

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Experience Enterprise-grade Remote Desktop Manager with Heimdal

Boost your productivity to new heights with Heimdal’s Remote Desktop solution. Enjoy seamless connectivity, fortified security, and unrivaled efficiency. Don’t wait, join us today and revolutionize your remote access experience!



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