Here's how Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home keeps you safe from financial malware:

Cyber crime is big business today. discovery visual

Really big! It's so big that it even has its own name: the malware economy. This fraudulent system feeds on the money stolen and extorted from Internet users and businesses across the world.

Motivated by the potential big wins, cyber criminals try to create the most advanced forms of malicious software.

Example: in 2015, cyber criminals stole $ (billion) from 100 financial institutions and their clients. To pull this off, they used Carbanak, one of the most sophisticated types of financial malware out there.

Keeping cyber criminals out of your pockets (and bank account) requires a bit of help. More than your antivirus can provide. That's where Heimdal kicks in.

Here's Heimdal at work against financial malware:

See how Heimdal blocks financial malware from stealing your money in 4 stages.
Financial Malware Protection

First, Heimdal keeps your software up to date, automatically and silently and blocks 85% of attacks in which exploit kits target your apps. In the second step, Heimdal focuses on neutralizing the malware infection sources, so your system remains uncompromised. Third, Heimdal's proactive traffic filtering engine sanitizes your incoming and outgoing Internet traffic to keep financial malware away. And fourth, it protects you against data leakage, keeping your confidential information secure and away from cybercriminals' server.

"It just do the trick"

For me started Heimdal as a security app for my online banking recommended from my bank. It has grown to meet today's Internet with ID theft and encryption of users' files. You should still use common sense to avoid the traps, but you get good help on the road to safe traffic on the network. I would definitely recommend the use of Heimdal.

Published Monday, June 27, 2016
Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home


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