Here's how Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home stops exploit kits from abusing your security vulnerabilities

Did you know that the outdated software on your computer is a major security issue? money visual

Cyber criminals use the security holes in your outdated applications in 85% of their attacks. They manipulate these glitches in your protection to take control over your computer and infect it with malware. Their tools of trade: exploit kits - highly effective and able to evade antivirus detection.

These kits made of malicious software are engineered to perform at least 3 core actions:

  • To scan your system for security holes (usually found in outdated software);
  • To exploit the vulnerabilities they find;
  • To download and install malware on your system.

That's where Heimdal fits right into your protection routine. It's perfectly suited to fight off the damaging impact of exploit kits used in millions of attacks each day:

  • Heimdal comes with a Software Manager that automatically updates your vulnerable software, so you don't have to do it manually.
  • Powered by deep knowledge of cyber criminal infrastructure, Heimdal blocks exploit kits from downloading and installing malware on your computer;
  • And it prevents data leakage and botnet enrollment.

Here's Heimdal at work against exploit kits:

See how Heimdal blocks exploits kits from infecting your PC in 4 stages.
Exploit Kits Protection

First, Heimdal keeps your software up to date, automatically and silently and blocks 85% of attacks in which exploit kits target your apps. Second, it blocks malicious sources that distribute exploit kits. Third, Heimdal filters your Internet traffic and intercepts and stops malicious data transfers which aim to infect your computer with malware. In the fourth step, Heimdal prevents exploit kits from stealing your confidential data and moving it to cybercriminals' servers.

"Additional security, and high reactivity"

I discovered Heimdall few months ago, I was immediately seduced by this extra layer of protection that a firewall + antivirus does not cover. This is an aditional tranquility, autonomous and discrete.

No need to look for updates manually for the most sensitives softwares, Heimdall take care of it.

Having changed computers recently, my license was used on the old one.

I made contact with the support, who gave me a new key. Everything is incredibly easy.

Coupled with the newsletter that offers regularly to improve his internet habitude ... All the ingredients are there to make daily use of the comptuter, more secure, and more easy.

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Published Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home


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