Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

Antivirus is not enough

You're most probably already using an antivirus, but here' why you need an extra layer of protection.

When you're already infected, antivirus programs detect if a virus is on your PC and they remove it. But what you need is not to get infected in the first place, so that's where Heimdal kicks in, working proactively to detect and block financial stealing malware.

Unique, Powerful Intelligence

At Heimdal, we gather our leading intelligence to fight against cyber threats from a variety of sources such as:

Reverse engineering malwarePenetrating and infiltrating malware infrastructure

SinkholingDomain monitoringZero hour monitoring

Attack analysisCracking Domain generation algorithms (DGA's)

Crawling the darkest places of the internet

We protect you against:

Banking Trojan Attacks
Software Exploits
Cryptoware Malware Attacks
Protect Against Banking Trojan
Protect Against Banking Trojan

Heimdal Banking Trojan Protection
Heimdal offers protection where antivirus products give up.

Banking trojans are often delivered through a morphed Zeus infection, which has a low 2,25% antivirus detection.

This means that hackers are often successful in bypassing these defenses with their attacks.

Heimdal blocks Zeus either through behavior on the PC itself or, if not caught there, blocks access to the Zeus servers thus ensuring banking funds are not lost.

Protect Against Software Exploits
Protect Against Software Exploits

Heimdal Software Exploit Protection Heimdal offers protection where antivirus products give up.

Software exploits especially in Oracle Java is a common path of attack. Overall software exploits account for 65% of attack angles.

Antivirus products and firewalls cannot shield you from these attacks, as no file is executed on the PC.

Heimdal protects you, both by keeping your software up to date and by blocking malicious traffic.

An example of an 0-day exploit protection is shown.

Protect Against Cryptoware Malware Attacks
Protect Against Cryptoware Malware Attacks

Heimdal offers protection where antivirus products give up.

CTB-Locker, Cryptolocker, Cryptodefence or Cryptowall are likely the most advanced malware in the world.

Infections can happen either via PDF, VB script or even via Java script injects from legitimate website banners and cannot be detected by antivirus products.

This means that cyber criminals are often successful in bypassing defenses with their attacks.

If that happens, Heimdal will either block the malicious website or block the encryption key from being downloaded.

Heimdal Pro
Heimdal Pro
Protects you from cyber-criminal actions by employing an advanced web scanning engine to keep you safe from notorious data and financial stealing malware, such as Zeus Gameover (P2P) and CryptoLocker.