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NRGi simplifies security and enhances response time with Heimdal CORP

One of Denmark's biggest electricity suppliers is committed to managing its security responsibly and was looking for a solution that lived up to this challenge.

As a result, NRGi Denmark has been using Heimdal CORP for almost 2 years and has had time to assess the product's positive impact on the organization.

How were you introduced to Heimdal Security?

Managing security across all our 1000+ endpoints and keeping them secure has always been a headache. Heimdal keeps this simple.

Heimdal is very well known in the Danish energy sector, so when Heimdal approached us, we found it very relevant to look at.

What did Heimdal CORP help your organization achieve?

The automatic update system works on the fly and without any reboots and catches updates faster than any other system we have seen.

In terms of attack mitigation, the filtering service built in to Heimdal has also proven its value time and again, helping us prevent Ransomware attacks, Trojans and botnets on our network.

Overall the protection added is of good value to us and we are able to measure this value in the dashboard.

We first set up a proof of concept test to evaluate the value that Heimdal CORP would bring. After successfully testing it in our environment and noticing how much time and resources it saved us (especially on the patching side), we decided to purchase Heimdal and deploy it on all our endpoints.

One of the key things we noticed is how the Heimdal software has evolved over time. For us Heimdal continuously evolves the product in terms of threat protection, detection and uptime management and offers us solutions, which are key to our environment, such as new software to the updating list and which fits us immensely well.

Heimdal is very agile and very forthcoming on new requests.

Would you recommend Heimdal Security to others?

Absolutely. Heimdal is a core part of our protection environment. It requires very little support to run and is a timesaver on a daily basis, so running IT is simpler and better.

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