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EPDR: Why you’re missing out on the new cybersecurity golden standard

Date: January 28, 2021 from 5PM - 6PM CET

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Heard County frees up resources and time

Located in Georgia, in the United States, Heard County has a population of over 11,000 people.

Data safety is a key priority for Heard County, so Andrew Williams chose Heimdal CORP to proactively secure the country's endpoints.

The County had been using Heimdal for almost a year before sharing their experience with the solution, and they still are.

How were you introduced to Heimdal Security?

I read the Heimdal blog and found it to be quite informative and very educational. After also reading some of their threat alerts, we decided to look further into the Heimdal product.

What did Heimdal CORP help your organization achieve?

Running software updates across our systems has always been a headache for us. Since this is a key route for keeping cybercriminals out, we had to do something and we were surprised about the value:

The automatic update system just works automatically and seamlessly and I was surprised, because doing updates can be tricky;

and just recently we also discovered the threat filtering system and keeps finding threats we weren't even aware that we had.

Using Heimdal CORP to solve our challenge, regarding vulnerabilities, is especially related to web plugins, but Heimdal has proved really effective in maintaining any third party applications up to date. The ease of use is phenomenal and, once it is set, it just goes by itself.

Amazing time saver, without a doubt. Keeping software up-to-date is a breeze for a change.

With the threat filtering now also in place, we can see how much our antivirus and perimeter firewall systems are actually missing out. And the fact that Heimdal works anywhere you go is just great.

Would you recommend Heimdal Security to others?

Most certainly! We are very happy with the solution. Not just the software itself, but also Heimdal Security as a company.

They always keep an open line with us, communicating constantly, and they are very knowledgeable. They always have a strong recommendation from our part!

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