DPD Slovakia

DPD chooses multi-layered security to protect customer data

Dynamic Parcel Distribution operates in more than 40 countries and is responsible for safely managing deliveries for clients from all over the world. Given how much sensitive customer data it manages, the company wanted to ensure that this information is protected by multiple security layers.

How were you introduced to Heimdal Security?

We were trying to find an easy to use and easy to manage solution to keep all our third party applications up to date to their latest version.

I had read some of the blogposts that Heimdal publishes constantly, which peaked my interest. I tried the free product first and then got interested in evaluating the fully-fledged one as well. It went from that to testing the CORP product in a few conversations with a consultant from the Heimdal team.

What did Heimdal CORP help your organization achieve?

By using Heimdal CORPs patching module we've been able to save huge amounts of time in deploying the latest software patches in our company and make sure that the endpoints are not only kept up to date, but also safe from all these attacks that have targeted older versions of vulnerable software.

As soon as we received out testing credentials, we first deployed on a small number of endpoints to make sure we had a test group we can focus on. After 2 weeks of testing we were certain that Heimdal was the product we were looking for and decided to deploy on more PCs.

The whole process was very simple and we did not even need to contact support for anything since everything went smoothly from start to finish.

A few key ones I'd like to mention:

huge time saver

no more downtime due to software updates since Heimdal did it in the background and did not interrupt the user

peace of mind that we had our third party applications up to date with minimal effort.

Would you recommend Heimdal Security to others?

It's one of the best investments you can think of, huge time saving and excellent experience all round.

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