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Donegal County Council increases threat barrier with Heimdal

Donegal County Council takes the security of its data very seriously.

In light of current cyber threats - ransomware in particular - and their many ramifications, Donegal made the decision to add an additional layer of security to their current protection.

Donegal explored a number of various solutions and, after evaluating them, identified Heimdal as the best solution for them.

Setup and introduction:

After a successful proof of concept, Heimdal CORP was selected and pushed out across 900 endpoints.

Heimdal CORP was installed on all the endpoints used in the Donegal County Council. The installation was simple: it only entailed downloading an MSI file from the Heimdal CORP dashboard and rolling it out via GPO.

What did Heimdal CORP help your organization achieve?

As a result, the County Council can now monitor the Traffic Overview for each endpoint, can automate Patch Management for the top 40 security-critical applications, and enjoy the Advanced Malware Engine and Reporting – all through a simple, user-friendly Unified Threat Dashboard.

Consequently, they can prevent infections from taking over the network and can mitigate risks before they turn into fully-blown cyber-attacks.

Would you recommend Heimdal Security to others?

The main reason we went for Heimdal is that it offered another layer of security (patch management and traffic monitoring/blocking at the network interface level) for us to counter-act the very real and numerous threats of ransomware that are out there at the moment.

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