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EPDR: Why you’re missing out on the new cybersecurity golden standard

Date: January 28, 2021 from 5PM - 6PM CET

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Cottingham & Butler

Cottingham & Butler adds proactive security to their setup

Being key players in the United States insurance industry, Cottingham & Butler have a high focus on IT Security, keeping both customer and internal data secure.

As part of the wish to constantly improve security, Cottingham & Butler were looking for a next generation protection product to find threats that they were currently unaware of.

How were you introduced to Heimdal Security?

As part of the aspiration to constantly improve security, Cottingham & Butler was looking for a next-generation protection product to add another layer of security as part of their defense-in-depth strategy.

The choice ended up being Heimdal Security.

What did Heimdal CORP help your organization achieve?

Being proactive about our IT security has always been a challenge, says Niles. Heimdal adds clear value in the fact that it is very proactive.

The automatic update system works on the fly without any reboots, and it updates faster than some other protection products we have.

In terms of preventing attacks, we have already seen a clear value in the first couple of months that we have used Heimdal.

One of our core concerns is, of course, that we also want to use Heimdal proactively against ransomware.

Would you recommend Heimdal Security to others?

Absolutely. Heimdal is a flexible company and a fast way to improve our security. It helps us prevent attacks before they even happen.

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