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Heimdal CORP - Simplified Patch Management

Effortless Patching and Installation

Spend less time on doing patch management and installing software. Heimdal CORP will take care of deploying software and updates, according to your settings. You can even choose the software version to install or patch.

Bird's Eye Threat Management

Spot and mitigate infection risks, supervise how quickly your vulnerabilities are being removed and find malware through communication patterns - all in one Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD). Doing compliance and working with the EU DPA is also possible in the UTD.

Heimdal CORP - No Hassle Deployment
Heimdal CORP - Instant Vulnerability Overview

Security Enhancement

Greatly reduce infection risks and enhance uptime. The unique client based 2-way traffic filter keeps drive-by attacks, malvertizing and malicious payloads at bay and blocks ransomware, while the Traffic Pattern Engine spots infections inside. A great add-on to signature and heuristic-based antivirus.

Active Directory option

Configuring and setting up is a breeze. Whether you are an enterprise, a SME or a SMB, Heimcal CORP can work for you. You can choose to segment your patching, attack-filtering and malware protection down to Active Directory group level.

Heimdal CORP - Helpful Account Management
Heimdal CORP - Pervasive Protection

Secure Access, Everywhere

The Heimdal CORP platform uses a login process based on 3-factor authentication and is powered by a cloud-based, always on infrastructure. This platform is geo-replicated and load balanced, with SSD drives for ultra-quick response times and zero service delay.

Active Shield Against Ransomware & Malicious Content

Protection Against Financial Malware & Data Leakage

Silent Software Updates

Full Control Over the Security Risks in Your Environment

Cryptoware Detection & Blocking

Heimdal CORP provides protection against one of the biggest current threats: Cryptoware. Our deep knowledge of cyber criminal infrastructure empowers Heimdal CORP to detect and block Cryptoware infections. Your network will be safe from TorrentLocker or CryptoLocker attacks or other ransomware strains.

Malicious Look Up Blocker

Heimdal CORP scans websites for malicious pop-ups, toolbars and other forms of malware that can infect your users. Penetration attempts are blocked on the spot. This keeps your network safe from adware, spyware, browser hijackers and more.

Security against Advanced
Exploit Kits

Shield your workstations from advanced exploit kits that never drop a file onto the system. Heimdal CORP includes the capability to render exploit kits useless by blocking their access to C&C servers.

Shield Against Website Malware Distribution

Heimdal CORP actively protects your users against attacks delivered from legitimate websites. It blocks infected banners and access to websites with script injections. When it's possible, Heimdal will only block the infected banner or web page, so users can still access the rest of the website.

Internet Traffic Filtering

Heimdal CORP works proactively: it scans your workstations' Internet traffic around the clock. When it spots data leakage attempts, Zero Day exploits or high risk websites, it blocks them and keeps users safe.

Active Protection Against
Data Leakage

Make your network resilient against data leakage. Heimdal CORP can single out and block data exfiltration attempts. This ensures that vital corporate information is kept safe from prying eyes.

Reliable Support

Need help right away? Count on our team to provide the support you need. We're only an email away!

Zero Day Malware Protection

Heimdal CORP uses proactive traffic scanning technologies. It detects and protects your network against 2nd generation malware, such as CryptoWall, Crytpolocker, Dridex or Zeus strains. It does so based on cyber criminal infrastructure communication.

Extensive and Specialized
Malware Database

Heimdal CORP includes an extensive malware database that is constantly enhanced. Our main focus are 2nd generation threats that are almost undetectable by antivirus.

Online Banking Security

Heimdal CORP will protect the users in your network from attacks that target their online financial transactions. Our specialized financial malware database will ensure that specific attack vectors are blocked.

Active Protection Against
Data Leakage

Make your network resilient against data leakage. Heimdal CORP can single out and block data exfiltration attempts. This ensures that vital corporate information is kept safe from prying eyes.

World's Only Client Based Pattern Detection

Heimdal features a unique Multi-Vector Traffic-Pattern Malware Detection (MV-TPM) engine, which detects, blocks and matches communication patterns to specific malware types. This provides an unparalleled add-on to antivirus technology which is based on heuristics, behavioral or signature analysis.

Resilience against Ransomware, Trojans & Data-stealers

Our MV-TPM is specifically designed to add an extra layer of protection against Ransomware, Trojans and Data-stealers, which are very hard to detect by traditional mechanisms, as they often execute without using the file system.

Reliable Support

Need help right away? Count on our team to provide the support you need. We're only an email away!

Automatic Software Patching

Forget about the hassle of doing patch management. Set up Heimdal CORP according to your needs and let it to the work. Once a patch is available, Heimdal will apply it automatically. Save time and energy for other key security issues.

Silent Vulnerability Blocking

The patching system in Heimdal CORP works in the background. That means the users in your network will never be disturbed or interrupted from their work. Heimdal is also light on the system, so it doesn't slow down the system.

Fast Patching System

Heimdal CORP works fast in keeping software updates throughout your network. It will patch applications in less than 4 working hours, on average. This helps you avoid Zero Days and attacks that employ advanced exploit kits.

Patched Software

Here is the list of vulnerable applications Heimdal CORP monitors and updates for you:

Adobe Shockwave

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Flash Plugin

Adobe Air




Microsoft Silverlight




and 15+ others

Software installation

Managing and maintaining a fixed installation environment becomes simple with Heimdal CORP. Once your policies are set, Heimdal CORP will inforce software installation across your environment, making sure users always have the correct software installed.

Version management

Not only can you install and patch software, but you can install and patch specific versions of software in different segments of your environment. This means that bookkeeping can run software version X, whilst production can run software version Y.

Reliable Support

Need help right away? Count on our team to provide the support you need. We're only an email away!

Instant Vulnerability Overview

Log into your dashboard to instantly view the most important statistics from your environment. Here you can see what's currently going on in your organization, but also how this relates to past events.

Systematic Malware

Directly monitor the malware detection process in your network. Gain extensive insight from the detailed reports. Determine which malware issues should become priorities. Plan risk mitigation accordingly.

Automated & Manual

Get both automated and manual reports from your dashboard and our team so you can plan your next steps. We focus on delivering actionable insights and help you identify the appropriate course of action.

Powerful Vulnerability

Find out what the most important vulnerabilities in your network are. Get actionable insights and establish priorities.

Easy Policy Creation &

It's easy and simple to define and deploy policies in Heimdal CORP. Your dashboard gives you the chance to customize every policy according to your needs. We know that different types of users need specific protection and want to make this a painless experience for you.

Clear Internet Traffic

Get fast access to your block Internet traffic statistics. See which clients are affected by dangerous online content so you can reinforce their protection.

Reliable Support

Need help right away? Count on our team to provide the support you need. We're only an email away!

Best Security Addition for your Antivirus!

Antivirus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic. Therefore, what we and they cover varies greatly. Heimdal prevents hackers from taking data from your PC and moving it out of your network.

Advanced Web Scanning Engine

Be Security Smart

Join 300+ companies like yours which secured their network with Heimdal Security

Brother Review

Our programs are automatically updated without us needing to worry about it, and we know that Heimdal protects the computer.

DK Company Review

Through the traffic scanning engine, Heimdal fights advanced malware right from the user's PC [i.e. independent of the AD], which is a great bonus, especially considering we have many employees that travel a lot and who are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks. We therefore feel safe while on-the-fly.

Købstædernes Forsikring Review

The Heimdal team was very supporting throughout the entire setup process and beyond. We started using Heimdal CORP to keep our PCs updated and to protect our endpoints from sophisticated cyber attacks.

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System Requirements
Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
XENAPP 6.5 or above
XENSERVER 7.6 or above
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1*
25 MB disk space
Local administrator rights during installation
User rights during execution
Internet access
Heimdal Pro
*If .NET Framework 4.6.1 is not already installed, Heimdal will automatically download and install it.
12 Million +
15 Million +