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Environment Security Outsourcing Made Simple?

Let us monitor your environment with our eXtended Detection and Response team.

We go through all sequences of events and continuously inspect users using rights escalations, privileges, and app executions. We proactively supervise your ingoing and outgoing emails for advanced threats and quickly react to protect you against future attacks. With our professionals keeping constant watch over your systems, we promise top-notch security.

What is XDR?

XDR acts as a central hub for security intelligence, gathering and dynamically comparing information across different sources (endpoints, networks, emails, cloud workloads) to detect threats more quickly and boost response times.

It introduces a proactive approach to threat hunting and detection, providing complex insights through powerful analytics, Machine Learning, and automation to mitigate ever-evolving cyberthreats. XDR allows companies to effectively bypass attacks and additionally automate and improve their security, enabling them to concentrate on business goals, priorities, and strategies.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), XDR’s precursor, relies on endpoint threat hunting, detection, and blocking. It tracks actions, allowing security professionals to obtain the insight required to identify anomalies that would otherwise remain uncaptured.

XDR broadens the spectrum of EDR, filling in uncovered gaps. With greater functionality, XDR uses modern, state-of-the-art technologies that include enhanced insight and real-time alerts.

It gathers and compares intelligence, leveraging smarter and faster analytics and automation capabilities to better identify present and prospective threats.

In tandem with advanced EDR solutions, MDR steps in to fill the expertise and human resources void.

Building on the stellar performance of our E-PDR suite, we are now expanding our award-winning model to managed XDR, combining and connecting telemetry from various channels, such as endpoints, network, cloud, and email.

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Regain Invaluable Work Hours with Industry-leading XDR, Conveniently Managed by Heimdal™’s Security Experts.

Gartner places XDR as the 3rd of 10 top projects for 2020-2021 and advises organizations to

“Consider using this technology to simplify and streamline their security”

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#3 Security Projects of 2020-2021

Heimdal™’s Managed XDR Security raises the bar in MDR and XDR and ensures first-rate threat discovery and mitigation through integrated data security,
powered by AI-driven analysis and complemented by human expertise.

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  • Establishes contextual relationships between multiple sources (endpoints, email, networks, servers, cloud) to offer a comprehensive overview and the appropriate setting to hunt, detect, and block threats.
  • Brings together data from across your ecosystem and Heimdal™’s intelligence to ensure fewer false-positives and more rapid and accurate detection.
  • Puts forward a single source for detection and response, leveraging various layers that act together.
  • Uses Machine Learning to find advanced unknown threats.
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  • Reduces incident inspection activities and the amount of time spent with threat hunting.
  • Decreases response times and boosts productivity.
  • Ensures increased visibility across your entire network and helps you achieve compliance.
  • Quickly detects threats, regardless of where they reside.
  • Offers operational efficiency and streamlines your security.
  • Identifies actual existing threats, tactics, tools, and procedures employed in attacks.

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Managed XDR Security Key Benefits

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Insightful Investigation. Accelerated Response. Managed by our professionals.

An effective cybersecurity approach is driven by analytics coupled with threat intelligence, which transform data into relevant insight and the appropriate tresponse.

Using consolidated information, presented through a single-pane-of-glass view, Heimdal™’s XDR solution establishes consistent and logical connections to spot and prevent threats, thus saving you from laborious, manual work.

Reaction times are decreased as a result of multiple layers acting cohesively against threats. The investigation, detection, and response are simplified by correlating your activity data with our threat intelligence. Our specialists will help you obtain an attack-centered perspective over incidents and straightforward, actionable insight.

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Advanced ML for Superior Protection &
Enhanced Visibility.

Heimdal™ tracks and addresses emerging threats that could otherwise be overlooked by traditional security solutions. It uses a structured mix of network and endpoint monitoring, behavioral analysis, Machine Learning tools, and threat intelligence.

Thanks to Heimdal™’s eXtended Detection and response, you will trade fragmented tools and data for a consolidated, cohesive approach, all with a seamless user experience.

In one single tool, our eXtended Detection and Response solution is customized to handle EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and NDR (Network Detection and Response) for you.

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Frictionless Security. Streamlined Workflows.
Across the board.

At first glance, some incidents may seem harmless on their own - but they can instantly turn into valuable IOCs after being analyzed through an integrated approach, allowing you to immediately reduce their effect and minimize their intensity and scale.

Heimdal™ employs a rapid and decisive response to attacks and provides you with extended, systemized reports on potential risks, malwares, and vulnerabilities.

We offer unparalleled security expertise, reliable threat intelligence, and automation to uplift your cybersecurity.

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eXtended Detection & Response (MDR + EDR)
Managed Detection & Response
  Unique Threat Prevention​

Unique Threat Prevention

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Windows Logo
Real-time alerting on phone or email in case of an infection or attack​
Real-time alerting on phone or email in case of an infection or attack​
Real-time alerting and advisory on network or endpoint malware infections and potential APT’s
Real-time alerting and advisory on network or endpoint malware infections and potential APT’s
  24/7/365​ Attack monitoring
24/7/365​ Attack monitoring
  Policy settings inspection for maximum compliance
Policy settings inspection for maximum compliance
  Rapid and actionable insight
Rapid and actionable insight
  False-positive handling, pre-incident assessment, and “noise” reduction​
False-positive handling, pre-incident assessment, and “noise” reduction​
  Systemized, comprehensive reports on possible threats, malware, and vulnerabilities
Systemized, comprehensive reports on possible threats, malware, and vulnerabilities
  Email threats monitoring
Email threats monitoring
  Vulnerabilities monitoring
Vulnerabilities monitoring
  90-days executive summary reports on threats
90-days executive summary reports on threats
  Actionable advice on how to improve your security levels and policies
Actionable advice on how to improve your security levels and policies
  Machine isolation and/or network infections removal​ in case of attack*
Machine isolation and/or network infections removal​ in case of attack*
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