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Endpoint detection and response
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Why does your organization need endpoint
detection and response?

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Malicious attacks are now advanced persistent threats targeted at companies of all sizes.

Prevent the unknown with endpoint protection and response (EDR).

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Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is an innovative technology which allows the continuous monitoring and immediate response to advanced cybernetic threats of any kind.

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EDR is the gold standard for enterprise networks, in this current security age in which legacy AV solutions have not been enough for quite some time.

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In the case of advanced persistent threats (APT) which cause significant damages, the starting point is always an unprotected endpoint through which hackers gained entrance into your network.

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Securing your endpoints is essential for preventing surprise attacks and attacks comprised of multiple tactics, customized for your enterprise.

Why Is Our EDR technology the best on the market?

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the unknown

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Proactive security
and vulnerability patching

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Endpoint detection
and response

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Automatic admin rights

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software patching

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threat hunting

To put it simply, the multiple components in our Thor Premium Enterprise product are covering all potential security
gaps in your organization.

Threat hunting, proactive live scanning, fast response and continuous monitoring make our EDR technologies virtually unbeatable.
We protect your networks from complex threats, beyond what legacy solutions such as Antivirus or firewalls can hope to accomplish.

What our EDR technology contains

(the layers of protection)

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What our EDR technology and protects you from

Just a few of the things our endpoint detection and response technology can protect you from:

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persistent threats

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Admin rights

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Security gaps from
outdated software

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DNS traffic

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Phishing and social
engineering hacks

How we stand out from competitors

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All of these components of our endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology really work together and get extra insights from the detections and scans of one another.

The Thor EDR technology is an intelligent and multi-layered approach...

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Secure your network from each endpoint upwards

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Today’s threat landscape makes threat hunting a necessity. Endpoint detection and response cannot be based on a database response to known threats.

Embedded in Thor Foresight Enterprise is Darklayer GUARD™, the number 1 DNS threat communication filtering solution on the market that makes it possible to map out the critical endpoints in your environment and take proactive measures to avoid cyber security incidents.

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Ready to take your endpoint detection and response
to the next level?

Discover the multi-layered security suite that offers endpoint threat prevention and next-gen endpoint protection from existing and dormant threats, with a market leading detection rate and compliance, all in one package.

All of the technologies contained in our full EDR system come in one easy to deploy and lightweight agent which
won’t slow down your systems and will save time for your system admins.

We combine

Endpoint Protection platform


(Endpoint Protection Platform)
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Endpoint Detection And Response


(Endpoint Detection and Response)

With machine learning powered insights for the best protection in town

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Tried and tested

See why our users love Heimdal™ Security


Rating Stars Based on 514 reviews Trust Pilot Logo

“We can easily see how many security gaps Heimdal addresses and
also easily see how it helps us keep attackers out”

Heimdal offers a different approach to endpoint security and gives us a fantastic addition to our antivirus product.
The patch management is great, the traffic blocking is straightforward and we have to consider risks from all angles and cover as much as possible.
Thor Foresight is great at doing just that. I would definitely recommend Thor Foresight to everyone.

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“Heimdal continuously evolves the product in terms of threat protection,
detection, and uptime management”

In terms of attack mitigation, the filtering service built into Thor Foresight has also proven its value time and again, helping us prevent Ransomware attacks,
Trojans, and botnets on our network. Overall the protection added is of good value to us and we are able to measure this value in the dashboard.

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“Thor Foresight is a simple and fast way to improve our core security and
it helps us prevent attacks before they even happen”

"Where we see Thor Foresight add clear value is in the fact that it is proactive: The automatic update system works on the fly and without any reboots and catches updates faster than any other system we have seen. In terms of preventing attacks, we have already seen a clear value in the first couple of months that we have used Heimdal with even having a couple of ransomware attacks blocked and the way it spots malware that the antivirus doesn't see is just so special."

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Thor Premium Enterprise – EDR

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Real time proactive security via DNS traffic filtering on all levels

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Smart threat hunting and proactive behavioral detection

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Automates all available software updates silently

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The next-gen anti-virus for optimal protection against malware and ransomware

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Optional module for automated admin rights escalation and de-escalation procedures

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